LinkedIn: How To Promote Your Business For Free

LinkedIn has been from the beginning promoted as the online social network for business professionals and entrepreneurs. That is different from other social networks which appeal and are promoted to the masses. It is a made clear understanding that people are joining the LinkedIn community with the goal of expanding their business in some way.

LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003. Early 2023 it reached it reached 930 million users. LinkedIn has become your online business card. You, as a business owner, better get an account to assure people you do exist.

With LinkedIn it is not necessary to hide your business intent as you are expected to do in other social media like Facebook and Twitter. Professionals are interacting on LinkedIn with the explicit intention of making business connections. LinkedIn is also very strong represented internationally. More the 50% of its users are outside the USA.

As with all other social network, setting up and completing your profile is very important. A sloppy, incomplete profile will not reflect you or your business in a positive way. The headline section of your profile must be strategically written. It is a short summary to simply define yourself and your current business. Don’t forget to use proper amount of specific keywords. Yes, Google is indexing your LinkedIn profile!

There is a difference between your Public Profile and your Private Profile. Certain segments of your profile can be restricted from public view from non-members. Make sure you customize your LinkedIn URL.

Status updates and announcements from your personal LinkedIn network are posted to the Network Activity portion on your Home Page. Similar to other networks you can use Like, Comment or Send a Message to the listed updates. This is a great way to start a communication. You can broadcast your own messages using the conversation box.

There are several applications to enhance your community. There is an applications for a Twitter utility, an events applications and even a way to tag your posts onto WordPress blogs.

After you setup your LinkedIn account you need to get contacts. You can import existing contacts, search or search for contacts. LinkedIn uses a hierarchy of connections and is primarily structured in three levels. All the contacts of your first level are made visible to you. Joining groups allows you further to target your business contacts.

LinkedIn allows you to present yourself or your business as a leader or expert in your market.

Facebook may be the greatest way to find people and to stay connected to the people in your life whether you are long distances or next door. Although if you are a person who is not into posting your status or posting pictures of your latest karaoke excursion, then you may be looking for the advantages of networking without so much sociability. LinkedIn is the perfect service for the individual who wants to stay connected, but more in a serious, networking way.

LinkedIn, although being similar and having similar goals as Facebook, differs in that it is specifically designed for the professional who is looking to stay connected in order to further either their career or stay current in their industry. It is less about the social aspects of family and fun and more about staying current in your employment and in your field. It is an excellent way to form contacts and networks with other people in your industry.

Computers have allowed us to make connections and form business relations that were once only dreamed of. Although it has always been nearly as important who you know as what you know, with the current networking capabilities, that notion may even be more so. Making connections and networking has never been more crucial. Although you may have a prominent position, or may feel secure in your position, unfortunately, insecurity is something that can come along at any time. Whether you are afraid of losing your position or wish to advance within another, having LinkedIn network ties are a great safety net should anything happen.

LinkedIn is arranged like a job site with the advantage of a social networking site. You are able to post profiles about yourself, less geared toward your social status and more so toward your business qualifications. It focuses specifically on educational status, job related experience, and accreditation’s to let potential business relations or employers know if you are a good match for their organization. It also has its own job posting section so that you are able to research positions that may be attractive to you. Likewise, if you are looking to hire, you are able to post your own position to find just the right person for your position.

Also available on the LinkedIn website that sets it apart is the blog site where you are able to get a handle for industry trends, attitudes and atmosphere. There are also expert tips available and advice to keep yourself, or your business, current in the challenging economic environment that we are all facing. Finding friends that you lost contact with is fun and exciting, but also useful. In certain fields, staying connected can make the difference between surviving in your career and really excelling. Facebook may be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but no potential employer or business contact really cares about what you did last Friday night. LinkedIn allows you to post the important business information, and leave the fun stuff for another personal site.

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