LED Strip Lights Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: How Much Money Can You Save With AGM Electrical Supplies?

LED Strip Lights By AGM Electrical Supplies

LED strip lights, made from flexible circuit boards, are gaining popularity due to their low energy use and longevity. These strips can be customized in color, brightness, and size and can be used to create moods or highlight room features.

LED Strip Lights: Low Power Consumption

Their low energy consumption is a significant selling point for LED strip lights. These lighting options offer higher energy efficiency than commonplace incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LED strip lights are more environmentally friendly because…

Reduced use of electricity

LED strip lights use less energy while providing the same light as incandescent bulbs. The energy savings over traditional incandescent lights may exceed 80 percent. As a consequence, significant energy savings are realized.

Extended longevity

LED strip lights survive far longer than traditional bulbs, usually between 25,000 and 50,000 hours. This minimizes the total energy usage and the frequency with which replacements are required.

Rapid Enlightenment

LED strip lights may be turned on immediately; they are not waiting to warm up. The energy-wasting procedure of waiting for conventional fluorescent lights to achieve maximum brightness might take several minutes.

Strategically placed lights

Because LEDs are directional, they provide less wasted light. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs radiate light in all directions, necessitating the use of reflectors to focus the beam.

Reduce heat output

Unlike incandescent bulbs, which waste as much energy as heat, LED strip lights don’t become extremely hot. This has dual benefits: it lowers cooling costs and decreases the likelihood of fire.

LED Strip Lights

Estimating energy cost reductions

After demonstrating the effectiveness of LED strip lights, we can discuss how much money switching to them will save.

  • Lower Monthly Utility Costs

LED strip lights save money in several ways, but the most obvious is lower power costs. The following things are essential to think about when estimating your energy savings:

  • Check the wattage

Check the wattage of your current lighting system against that of LED strip lights. If you switch out your 60-watt incandescent lamps with an LED strip that uses just 10 watts, you’ll save 50 watts each hour.

  • Time of Day

Estimate how long your lights are on each day for a typical week. The result is an estimate of your daily energy use.

Get familiar with your utility company’s per-kilowatt-hour (kWh) rates for electricity. The national average in the United States is around $0.13 per kilowatt-hour.

The following method may be used to determine your daily, monthly, and yearly savings once you have these numbers:

kWh Saved Per Day = (Difference in Watts / 1000) x Number of Working Hours

Daily savings multiplied by 30 (assuming 30 days per month) yields a monthly savings in kilowatt-hours.

kWh Cost Reduction Per Year = Monthly Cost Reduction x 12

Let’s say you have a room with four 60-watt incandescent lamps, and you turn them on for six hours a day to give you an idea of scale. By replacing incandescent bulbs with LED strips of the same total wattage, you may save 2.4 kWh per day, 72 kWh per month, and 864 kWh per year. For $0.13 per kWh, one single room saves $112.32 annually.

Save Money on Repairs

LED strip lights outlast incandescent bulbs by a wide margin. As a result of its durability, fewer repairs will be needed over time. LED strips may last up to 50,000 hours, whereas incandescent lights only last 1,000 to 2,000. This will save you money on light bulbs and time when you need to replace them.

LED Strip Lights

Save Money On Air Conditioning

Traditional incandescent lights produce a lot of heat. LED strip lights, in comparison, generate hardly any warmth. In hotter climates, reducing heat output positively affects air conditioning expenditures. Since your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain a pleasant environment, your monthly energy costs will go down even more.

Decreased Harm to the Environment

LED strip lights save money and help create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly space. A smaller carbon footprint and fewer greenhouse gas emissions result from cutting energy usage. This environmental benefit may be measured in little dollars and cents, but it is crucial to a more secure tomorrow.

Bonuses and discounts

Energy-efficient lighting options, such as LED strip lights, are often met with financial incentives and rebates from governments and utility providers. Thanks to these advantages, you may save more money in the long run and lower your initial investment. Contact the relevant government agencies and utility providers to know whether a program like this exists in your region.

Value Quality

While it’s true that LED strips may significantly reduce your electricity bill, the quality of the strips you choose will ultimately determine how much money you save and how long your lighting system lasts. While higher-quality LED strip lights may be more expensive up front, they often save more money in the long run since they use less energy and last longer.

AGM Electrical Supplies

Choosing high-quality and dependable LED strip lights is crucial. LED strip lights are only one of the many electrical goods and lighting solutions offered by AGM Electrical Supplies. Because of their dedication to quality, their clients always obtain reliable items that save money on utilities and need less upkeep over time.

AGM Electrical Supplies has a wide variety of LED strip lights from which clients may choose the best option for their circumstances. AGM Electrical Supplies provides everything you need to illuminate your house, workplace, or business with little environmental impact.

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