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Managing a Netgear Nighthawk router requires you to access the management panel which is not possible without accessing

But, there are times when the URL doesn’t work, and changing the router’s settings becomes impossible. Just in case you are getting the not working error in an attempt to access the Nighthawk setup wizard and manage the router’s settings, we’ve got you covered. This article highlights the most important aspects related to the issue. Keep reading.

Potential Causes: Doesn’t Work

The most prominent reason why you are unable to access the login URL of your WiFi router is the use of the wrong web address. Perhaps, you were in a hurry due to which you entered it incorrectly. But, now that you’ve realized your mistake, the time to mend it has come. So, re-enter the URL into the address field of the browser and see if the URL works for you. In case it doesn’t, you can refer to the points mentioned below and learn what other reasons might be dragging you to the issue.

  • You are using an outdated version of the internet browser to visit the URL.
  • The internet connection is poor or your computer is not connected to the internet.
  • Minor network glitches are impacting the performance of your router.

So, these were the reasons due to which the web URL of the Nighthawk router might fail to work. Considering that you’ve learned about them, let’s move ahead and learn the solutions to the problem.

How to Fix Not Working Error?

  1. Upgrade the Internet Browser

The very first thing you can do to get rid of the non-working status of the web URL of the WiFi router is to update the browser. No matter which web browser you are using, the URL of the router won’t work properly on its outdated version. Given here are the steps that can be used to update the most commonly used web browser i.e. Google Chrome:

  • Open the drop-down menu on Chrome by clicking three dots at the top-right corner.

  • Select Settings.

  • Locate the About Chrome option and click it.

  • You will be notified whether the browser needs an update or not.

  • If it does, then click Update and relaunch the browser.

  1. Check the Internet Connection

There is a possibility that the computer you are using for the routerlogin process is not even connected to the internet. Why don’t you check the internet connection status? For this, consider pinging the router using the Command Prompt. If you get replies then the internet connection is working well. Else, you are required to connect the router and computer. Here’s how:

  • Open the WiFi Utility on your computer.
  • It can be done by clicking the Network and Internet Settings option.
  • The moment you see the Nighthawk router WiFi name on the list, click it.
  • Enter the WiFi password and select Connect.
  • Cable your computer to the router if WiFi Utility is not there.
  1. Reboot the Modem and Router

If you are still getting the not working error, you need to perform a power cycle of the entire home network. It will help you resolve network glitches and you will notice a boost in the performance of your WiFi network. And what you don’t know is that a simple power cycle is also capable of resolving the Netgear router red light issue in case you are facing it. Here’s what you are supposed to do in order to power cycle the network.

  • Power down the modem and disconnect its power cord from the socket.

  • The same thing needs to be implemented on your WiFi router now.

  • Wait for some time. You can wait for a maximum of half an hour.

  • Now, switch on the modem and then the Nighthawk router.

So, these were the possible solutions using which accessing the web-based management portal of the router will become easy via the default URL. But, what if the issue is still not ready to bid adieu? In that scenario, you are suggested to use the IP address of the router instead of the web address.

How to Access Nighthawk Router IP?

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to use the IP address of the router instead of the web address:

  • Ensure that the LAN port of the modem is connected to the Internet port of the router.

  • Switch on your computer now and open an updated web browser.

  • Into the address bar, type the default IP address i.e.

  • Press the Enter key.

  • The login page of your router will show up.

Summing Up

Here ends our post focused on fixing the not working issue. We hope that you’ve followed every tip religiously. You also learned the alternative of the web URL. Now, we hope that you will be able to manage your router with ease.

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