We are a fertility clinic specializing in vitro fertilization. In vitro, fertilization is a technique in which an egg is taken from a woman, fertilized into an embryo, and then implanted into the uterus. In vitro fertilization is the fertilization of an egg in an IVF in Lahore. In contrast to the processes taking place inside the body.


Fertilization is the process by which sperm and egg unite and transfer genetic material. The genetic material of the sperm and egg forms the embryo’s genetic code. The word test tube means that the eggs are taken from the woman’s body.

In the case of sperm, this is normal because it leaves the male body to perform its function. However, once the egg leaves the woman’s body, it must be maintained in an artificial environment to survive. Except for in vitro procedures, other procedures rely on fertilization to occur while the egg is inside the woman’s body. This is called artificial insemination using internal insemination.


We wash and concentrate the sperm and eggs into a special petri dish in liquid and leave it overnight. In an aseptic environment, the ideal temperature, humidity, and specific oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide concentrations are supplied. Special liquids must maintain exact nutritional composition, PH, and osmotic pressure. The following day we check whether the sperm and egg have been fertilized and have formed into an embryo. At this time, sperm require minimal motility and concentration. If sperm move too slowly or are not concentrated enough, they will not fertilize the egg.


The researcher noticed the egg had been fertilized the next day. Previously, no one thought sperm could be injected directly into an egg. This usually only happens in nature. This was a significant discovery in reproductive medicine and led to the birth of a treatment called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In this way, even if only one viable sperm is present, we can inject it directly into the egg to fertilize it. A thin glass needle driven by a tiny motor under the microscope picks up sperm and places it inside an egg. Special handling equipment is used because this requires high precision and movement. Human hands cannot do it.

Some patients are confused because they do not understand the difference between in vitro fertilization and direct sperm injection. In vitro, fertilization means in vitro fertilization and can be done with or without direct sperm injection.


This has been a controversial topic in reproductive medicine. Because too many patients think they’re getting direct sperm injection when they don’t need it. This method is a very reliable insemination method and allows for selecting the best sperm. On the other hand, artificial methods can lead to other health problems. In particular, direct sperm injection can cause certain disorders.

In vitro, fertilization refers to any fertilization that occurs outside of a female body. There are further treatments accessible as well in the Best IVF Center in Pakistan. We develop a synthetic environment that resembles a woman’s fallopian tubes in the embryo lab. Usually, the sperm and egg meet in the fallopian line, which is the best place for natural fertilization. In the early stages of in vitro fertilization, there is only one way to fertilize an egg.

At the Genova IVF and Fertility Center Lahore, Pakistan in vitro fertilization is not performed unless direct sperm injection is necessary. We believe normal sperm poses less risk to offspring during natural fertilization and avoids unnecessary manipulation of eggs and sperm. If it is judged to be unable to fertilize the two germ cells normally, try direct sperm injection with half of the collected eggs. And we use conventionally fertilized embryos first and only use this procedure on seeds when needed.

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