How To Purchase A Property As An Investment?

It seems so simple. You purchase a house, place a “for rent” also sign in the yard, a lovely family moves in, and you begin receiving monthly payments. If only buying real estate could be that easy! The good news is that property as an investment can be accessible if you understand how it works and does your homework. But first, you must ascertain whether purchasing an investment property is appropriate for you by learning how to buy one.

The option to own an investment property has long been popular, and the current increase in housing costs has increased demand for rental real estate more than ever. It can be a valuable thing to have if you’re in a position to strive to invest in real estate.

Investment Opportunities For Commercial And Residential Property In Qatar

The country’s supply of real estate has been surpassing demand in residential and commercial real estate even before the outbreak as best for the property as an investment. This was primarily due to significant development operations that were carried out in anticipation of the FIFA World Cup 2022’s expected spike in housing and lodging demand. In addition to this, the burgeoning on-demand app development industry has also played a pivotal role in shaping the real estate landscape. The technological advancements brought forth by on-demand app development companies have revolutionised the way property transactions and investments are conducted, offering innovative solutions for both buyers and sellers in this competitive market.

In the Gulf state, the real estate market peaked in 2017. Property prices have decreased, with the property index standing at 225.76 in December 2019 after skyrocketing to 311.5 index points in 2015 due to a sharp increase. However, analysts concur that the price decline is not alarming and is simply the outcome of a rebalancing that has increased Qatar’s competitiveness in the area.

Invest In Rental Real Estate

In contrast, investing in real estate investment strategies, investing in rental properties necessitates your participation. But before you leap in, you should consider whether you have the time and desire to do so.

Here are the procedures you need to take if you’ve opted to buy an investment property outright rather than invest passively through crowdfunding and real estate investment trusts REITs

Protect Your Funding

how to save money on rental property. Unless you have a lot of extra cash, you must arrange to finance purchasing your rental property.

You need to get pre-approved for also a mortgage loan before you start looking for properties to buy. Bank statements or lenders will consider your existing income, credit score, and other indicators that show you are a reasonable risk, just like when applying for monthly rent on your primary residence.

The lowest-risk consumers receive the best loan conditions and higher interest rates. It would help if you keep your credit score high and your debt-to-income ratio below the bank’s standards. Platforms for managing your finances can be used to keep an eye also on your credit report and general cash flow.

Additionally, a loan for buying a property requires a larger down payment than a loan for a residential purchase. Homes the buyer doesn’t own need a more significant down payment since they pose a more considerable risk to the lender. To qualify for a loan, lenders typically do not consider projected rental income. Usually, banks want a 20% deposit.

Choose What You Want

The choice of where to invest is among the most crucial ones for the long term. There are some excellent rental markets and some less-than-ideal areas of the country where it is impossible for real estate investors that will generate a profit. To determine the best locations to invest in, real estate agents research home and rental pricing (as well as other local information) to get through the property as an investment.

It would help if you weighed the benefits and drawbacks of various rental properties when deciding where to locate them. A townhome, condo, single-family house, or duplex are all options. A condo (where the roof and exterior are not your responsibility to maintain) can be a suitable starting point if you’re not the handy kind. Compared to a condo, townhomes and duplexes require extra care, but more than single-family homes.

Understand Rental Property Returns

Real estate investors utilise a return on investment (ROI), a financial statistic, to assess how profitable a potential investment property might be. An investor has to know the following information to determine a property’s ROI:

  • Calculate your projected annual rental income, considering tenant and supplementary income like pet rent.
  • Calculate the annual running costs, including property taxes, insurance, property management fees, and maintenance costs.
  • By deducting expenses from revenue, project annual cash flow.
  • Establish the down payment and any upfront payments (such as needed repairs)
  • Divide annual cash flow by the total amount of money spent to arrive at ROI.

Property Investment Benefits And Drawbacks

Investments in real estate are frequently thought of as being less hazardous than other types of investments. Here are also some things to think about while investing in real estate.


Less erratic – Real estate can be less erratic than stocks or other assets.

Money – If the property is rented, you receive a rental income.

Capital growth – If the value of your property rises, you will realize a profit when you sell it.

Tax deductions – The majority of property costs, including interest on any loans used to purchase the property, can also be deducted from rental income. You are investing in a tangible asset that you can see and touch.

No particular expertise is necessary.


Cost-wise, rental income might not be enough to cover your mortgage and other expenditures.

Interest rates – An increase in interest rates will result in increased repayments and less discretionary income.

Vacancy – If you don’t have a renter, there may be instances when you have to pay the expenses alone.

Inflexible — If you need money quickly, you can’t sell a bedroom.

Loss of value – If the property’s value decreases, you can owe more than the property is worth.

High entry and exit fees – Charges for stamp duty, attorneys’ fees, and real estate agents’ commissions.

Get Saakin’s Help For Property As An Investment

Saakin is one of the leading real estate companies working amazingly to provide the best investment properties. The cooperation can help you in every step with the best real estate agents.


What is considered to be a primary residence?

Your house is your principal residence, usually referred to as a primary residence. Your primary residence, whether a house, condo, or townhome, could be eligible for a lower mortgage rate if you demonstrate that you occupy it for most of the year.

Are Property Managers Worth the money?

It varies. Property management may be time- and money-consuming. It’s a wise investment to hire a property manager if the fee is less than the opportunity cost of managing the properties yourself. Every investor will need to solve this equation for himself, though.

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