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How to Make a Fire Paint Set?

The wax set is one of the traditional four treasures of the study, which can be used in artistic creations such as seals and calligraphy.

Making wax sets requires some manual skills and patience, but there will be a unique historical and cultural atmosphere after the production is completed Buy Prestige products in Pakistan.


  1. Prepare tools and materials, including sealing wax, sealing knife, paintbrush, sandpaper, stamp, sealing box, cleaning cloth, etc.
  2. Cut the wax into pieces of appropriate size, put them in the wax box, and light the wax.
  3. Apply wax evenly on the stamp with a paintbrush, and press it on the paper for printing.
  4. To make a wax box, sand the surface of the wax box and then paint it with a colour or pattern to give it a more decorative effect.
  5. To maintain your wax set, use a cleaning cloth to wipe tools such as wax knives and stamps to keep them clean.


  • It is necessary to be cautious when making wax paint sets. The temperature of wax paint is relatively high, so you need to pay attention to the safety of the fire source when making it.
  • Making wax sets requires certain manual skills and experience. Beginners should start with simple seals and gradually increase the difficulty.
  • After the production is completed, pay attention to maintenance, clean the tools in time, keep the sharpness of the wax knife and the cleanliness of the seal, so as not to affect the printing effect of the seal.

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Don’t Starve Online How to Make a Royal Craft Set

How to make a royal handmade set in Don’t Starve Together? Specific steps are as follows


Lenovo Y9000P


Don’t Starve Together 5.0.3


  1. Gather grass in the meadow to get [Plucked Grass].
  2. [Rope] is woven out of the picked grass.
  3. Use four pieces of wood to make a [wooden plank].
  4. Craft planks and ropes into 【Royal Handmade Set】

How to skillfully use the sword fairy suit and “handmade” equipment

Skillful use of sword fairy suits and “handmade” equipment


  1. The most important thing for a player in a game is the equipment. There are 12 pieces of equipment for each profession, but the two kinds of equipment prepared by Sword Immortal for each profession are only 9 pieces in total. Among them, weapons and clothes have to be “Nandou” and 12 to have a chance to get, and the other 7 pieces can be exchanged with materials. Jade pendants, belts, and cloaks can be made by yourself. When you have assembled all the equipment and equipped them, the attributes of the equipment will be activated.
  2. Some players think that the attributes such as attack and blood cannot be improved after they have been filled with level 6 jade and turned to 8! Wrong!!! Because one of the 9 pieces of equipment prepared by Sword Immortal is useless, that is shoulder pads. Some players may ask, how can the attribute be activated if the equipment exchanged for materials lacks the shoulder pads? Let me tell you that the equipment can be activated without the shoulder pads. Now let me tell you about the level 70 equipment of Fenglei.
  3. Attributes include: force, spiritual defense; physique, knowing defense, dodge.
  4. Looking at the shoulder pads I made myself.
  5. Attributes include: force, spiritual defense; physique, spiritual power, life limit, knowing defense, dodge. It has more spiritual power and upper limit of life than the shoulder pads exchanged for materials.
  6. Character attributes after equipping the equipment that is exchanged for materials:
  7. Character attributes after equipped with self-made shoulder pads:
  8. Pay attention to it, blood and attack are fine. Because the shoulder pads I made were strengthened to 4 and no jade was inlaid, so except for blood and attack, other attributes were slightly reduced.
  9. Don’t wait any longer, do it now

Where is the Adventure League suit and how to upgrade it

Someone is playing the Adventure League mobile game! So do you know where the Adventure League suit is and how to upgrade it? The following editor will tell you


  1. First log in to the Adventure League game, as shown in the figure below.
  2. Then click [More], as shown in the figure below.
  3. Then click [Equipment], as shown in the figure below.
  4. Click [Set], as shown in the figure below.
  5. Finally, click [Create] directly to upgrade the equipment, as shown in the figure below.


  • First log in to the Adventure League game
  • Then click [More]
  • .Then click【Equipment】
  • .Click 【Set】
  • Finally, just click [Create] to upgrade the equipment

Siberian tiger siege suit generals recommended suit

  1. How to match the Siberian tiger siege general suit? What kind of suits are good for the generals who siege cities and land in the early stage? The following article will bring you the recommended suits for generals.
  2. White Tiger Suit: Suitable for all generals to fight the strong with the weak, and disappear in the later stage to synthesize the real tiger. It can be used in martial arts, effectively inflicting damage to Ba Xia, and completely exploding face.
  3. Qinglong suit: Zhou Tai, Wei Yan, suitable for all generals to improve the experience gained Use: It is still terrible to have absolute terrain tactics, the amazing blood volume makes the trumpet restraint flow a headache, entertainment equipment can be used for pushing maps and fighting.
  4. Xuanwu suit: Not recommended, it is a waste suit, but it will be released later, it can be synthesized into a true bully. Use: Even if all weapons are full of gems after level 100, you can still suffer about 300 damage when facing more than 70 guards. It is only used to abuse children.
  5. Dace suits: Zhang Fei, Wei Yan, Zhou Tai, Dian Wei Uses: Greatly reduce combat damage, can enhance the survivability of generals with low bravery, strong pushing power, restrained by most suits in bulk, but can be used in combat Play with Suzaku.
  6. True/Baxia set: Guan Yu, Zhou Tai, Wei Yan, Zhang Fei Use: Very dominating set, just like its name, has a strong push map and few opponents. Fighting is also very practical, Taishan Beidou in the suit.
  7. True/Candle Dragon Suit: Taishi Ci, Huang Zhong, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei Uses: High blood volume, certain physical/magic defense and high magic damage, no problem in pushing pictures, fighting is like Fangtian painting a halberd, a weapon of the world , who can’t beat him.
  8. True/Tiger Repelling Suit: Huang Zhong, Tai Shi Ci, Zhang Fei Uses: Those who often play online games know that most of the game’s magic warriors are almost the strongest professions, with powerful magic damage and good physical output, there is no doubt that this Make any opponent terrified.

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