How to know if a restaurant is good for your kids?

You can make these little guys into a business opportunity for your restaurant, despite how messy they are. Being a kid-friendly service will give you an advantage over others in the restaurant industry and increase your profits. While you will most likely be unable to train the children that come in your direction, you can make it more straightforward for the guardians.

Parents will greatly appreciate your efforts to make dining a pleasant experience. They’ll mark you as the best western restaurant in Johor Bahru because they know how hard it is to find places where they can take their kids and let them be themselves.

A whole new audience of devoted patrons can be attracted to your restaurant by making a few minor adjustments to the setting.

If parents find your establishment to be caring and accommodating to their children’s needs, children may turn out to be your best customers. Adding a play area might be all that’s needed to make this area stand out. You can attract families with children to your location in a few ways.

Train Your Employees:

Train your staff to treat children with the same respect and courtesy they show adults while offering the best Chinese food in JB. It will be difficult for the staff to conceal any signs that a child is displeased, and your customers may never return. It makes no sense to have a play area in the restaurant if your waiters are unwilling to accommodate them. Your team should respect a child’s needs and not be rude or impatient with them.

When families arrive, your staff should also be trained to provide larger tables. The entire dining experience could be ruined if the table is overcrowded with everything for babies and toddlers.

The following are some helpful hints for your servers:

  • Wait for the parents’ approval before asking the kids directly what they want to order
  • If a play area is available, let them know about it, or give them toys, arcade games, coloring books, or other activities to do while the order is being processed
  • Ask the parents if they require anything, like extra plates, a high chair, or a table
  • Starving children can quickly become out of control, so get the order out as soon as you can

Little things can make a big difference. Your staff’s patience and adaptability will undoubtedly be rewarded with substantial tips and long-term customer loyalty.

Serve healthier meals to children:

Nowadays, many parents choose healthier snacks for their children over French fries because of the rise in child obesity. You can differentiate yourself from competitors by including healthy options like vegetables, baked chicken with cheese dip, grilled chicken with steamed broccoli, pasta, or fruit slices on the menu. You don’t have to give up traditional foods like French fries or chicken nuggets because of this. Keep them on the menu alongside numerous other better choices.

Some additional advice for kids’ menus:

  • For their children, many parents select appetizers or sides included with entrees. Therefore, you can either offer smaller portions of kid-friendly menu items or include kid-friendly appetizers
  • Kids’ meals should not contain a lot of spices. Avoid adding too much chilies, fat, or salt
  • Make sure to list the ingredients on the menu so that parents can know about potential allergens like dairy, gluten, nuts, and so on
  • Include vegetarian options as well
  • Include some sweets or desserts as well

Give Important Hardware:

Install family-friendly furniture in your restaurant. Larger tables, high chairs, and booster seats are necessary for families with children, particularly those with infants. Change stations should also be present in your bathrooms so that parents can easily change their baby’s diapers and clothes if they need to.

Your restaurant ought to have coloring books and toys in addition to furniture. You can get placemats, pencils, and crayons to keep the kids occupied while they are near their parents.

A few things to get you started are as follows:

  • Infant chairs, and supporter seats
  • Sippy cups, plastic spoons, plates, and glasses that are safe for children to use
  • Tables for changing in the bathroom
  • Diapers
  • Kids will be able to reach the sink in the bathroom by using a small stool

Create a Playing space:

The only thing that will bring the kids to your restaurant is a separate play area where they can be supervised from a distance but not under the supervision of their parents. Additionally, a playroom ensures that no one else in the restaurant is disturbed.

Create a play area based on your restaurant’s budget and available space. If you can, build a jungle gym and set up a creative area where kids can color, draw, or read. Installing a television with educational or animated programming will also keep older children occupied, provided that you can do so within your financial means.


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