How to get a homeless shelter in Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, provides numerous avenues for individuals experiencing homelessness to access shelter and support services. Several avenues exist for accessing homeless shelter in Adelaide and support services for individuals experiencing homelessness. They can find the support they need but it is essential to approach each organization directly and provide them with your unique circumstances to ensure the best possible assistance.

Listed below are a few ways to access Homeless Shelters in Adelaide 

Outreach Programs

Adelaide is home to various outreach programs specifically designed to assist individuals experiencing homelessness. These programs offer valuable resources, including temporary accommodation, basic necessities, and referrals to relevant support services. By connecting with local outreach organizations you can access shelter options tailored to your unique circumstances.

Homelessness Gateway Service

The Homelessness Gateway Service serves as a central point of contact for individuals seeking homeless shelter in Adelaide. By calling their toll-free number or visiting their office, you can speak to a professional who will assess your needs and provide appropriate accommodation options. They can also offer guidance on accessing additional support services.

Crisis Accommodation

Adelaide has several crisis accommodation centres that provide immediate shelter for those in urgent need. These centres offer safe and secure accommodation for short-term stays. Reach out to these organizations by doing an extensive online search to inquire about availability and eligibility criteria.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing programs assist individuals in transitioning from homelessness to more stable accommodation. These programs offer a longer-term solution and often provide support services such as counselling, life skills training, and assistance with finding permanent housing. Enquire with these organizations online or call their helpline numbers for transitional housing opportunities.

Supported Accommodation

Supported accommodation services cater to individuals who require additional support due to complex needs or circumstances. These services offer a combination of shelter and tailored assistance, including mental health support, addiction recovery programs, and case management. Well-known providers can be searched online for supported accommodation options in Adelaide.

Youth Homelessness Support

If you are a young person experiencing homelessness, there are specialized services available to help you find shelter and support. Youth-specific organizations like HYPA (Helping Young People Achieve) and The Sanctuary offer accommodation options and various support programs tailored to the unique needs of young individuals.

Domestic Violence Shelters

For those fleeing domestic violence situations, domestic violence shelters provide safe and secure accommodation. Organizations like Domestic Violence Crisis Line and Women’s Safety Services SA offer support services, counselling, and temporary housing specifically designed to assist individuals and families experiencing domestic violence and escaping violence payment.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support

Adelaide recognizes the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experiencing homelessness. There are organizations that offer culturally sensitive support services and accommodation options tailored to the needs of the community.

Government Housing Assistance

The South Australian Government provides various housing assistance programs aimed at supporting individuals and families experiencing homelessness. These private assistance programs offer accommodation options, rental assistance, and pathways to affordable housing. 

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