How to Choose the Right Size Warm Throw Blanket for Your Space?

A warm throw blanket is something that you reach for when you are on the couch watching a movie, on your chair relaxing or just cosied up on the bed. Besides, merino wool throws can be a great way to decorate your house. They can add a chic, laid-back, cosy yet distinguished touch to your living space. 

However, these throw blankets come in a variety of sizes. So, if you are confused and wondering which one you should get, keep reading to know more. 

The Right Size Merino Wool Throw 

The ideal size of a wool throw is 50” X 60” since it is not too bulky but is enough to cover a person from head to toe. This size also provides versatility to the throw since it is easy to fold, move around and store.

However, the size of the blanket has to vary depending on where you are putting it since there is no one right size that fits all. Especially, if you are planning on using it to add style to your house, you have to pick a size that is proportionate to the room. 

Here are some of the throw blanket sizes that you may find ideal for your space:

  • Small Throws

These blankets are generally of dimensions 30” X 40” or 36” X 50”. You can use them to adorn small pieces of furniture like chairs, sofas, etc., since they add a stylish flair to them. They will also work well as baby blankets in nurseries.  Moreover, this size is also ideal if you are planning to use it as a lap blanket when you are relaxing on sofas or armchairs.

  • Medium Throws

Medium throw blankets usually come in sizes 50″ X 60″ and 60″ X 80″. These are the most popular sizes for throws. The dimensions are big enough so that you can easily use them to fully cover yourself. Due to their size, you can use these as spreads on couches and divans to add a touch of elegance along with cosiness to your sitting or relaxing area. 

  • Large Throws

If you are planning on using a large Australian-made wool blanket to decorate your house, it will be the most ideal fit for your bedroom. You can use them to cover an entire bed of normal size since they come in dimensions of 80″ X 90″ or 90″ X 100″. Layer it with your usual bed sheet to add depth and dimension to your sleeping spot. 

If you are a risk-taker, you can also use it as a wall hanging to showcase your artistic side. 

Apart from these, Merino wool throws are also available in oversized dimensions, which can easily cover a king or queen-sized bed. However, if you want to use them mainly as decorative elements with a hint of functionality, small and medium sizes will work best.

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