How Important is Content for SEO?

Creating good content is the key to success when it comes to digital marketing. You cannot move ahead without having good content on your website. It is extremely important because search engines need content on your website to index them and rank according to their relevance and value. You need a strong SEO strategy to rank higher on Google, but all of that can be useless without good content.

The top SEO agencies in London emphasize good content and make sure that you get organic traffic on your website. If your content is valuable, it will get shared more, and the visibility of your brand will increase. Content and SEO always go hand in hand, as one is useless without the other. Without content, the search engine will not have enough data to rank, and without SEO, your content cannot get ranked, no matter how good it may be. They work best when well coordinated, and if they are not, then they cause penalties that are hard to recover from.

What is an SEO Optimized Content?

Content can be anything, including blogs, images, videos, audio, etc., that displays on your website and contributes to your ranking. Having simple content on your pages cannot help you rank anywhere, as you need to optimize your content for SEO in order to rank on the search engine. Google gives priority to user experience and only recommends relevant content to them. If your content is not valuable to users, Google will not recommend it on its result page. The more your content is optimised for SEO, the better chances you have of ranking on the first page of Google.

How to Write SEO Content?

SEO keeps updating as Google continues to make changes in its algorithm every year. Having professional SEO services in UK allows you to have access to an expert marketing team that can handle the ever-changing algorithms. They can identify the changes and implement new strategies as soon as possible. However, there are some things that have stood the test of time, and we can say that they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Following are some basics of writing SEO content.


Short content is not effective. Google wants you to post long-form blogs and articles that would give in-depth information to the users. When a user comes to your website, they are looking for answers, and when they don’t find all the answers, they bounce back and look for more content. This is not a good sign for your website as it tells Google that your content failed to provide value to the users. Hence, it is important to create long-form content that includes in-depth information about the topic.


Keywords are still very relevant, and they will continue to be. There’s no way for Google to identify your relevant audience if you don’t use the right keywords in your content. You must ensure that you research the keywords properly and use them in the right places. 


Your content should have a proper format. Google likes structured content as it is easy to understand for both the search engine and the users. Formatted content includes headlines and bullet points that help the users navigate through your content better.


Your content should be easy to read for the audience. Dumping all your content in a disorganised manner is not the right approach as it makes reading more difficult. Google wants a wide audience to find value in your content. Hence, you should focus on the readability and increase it.


Linking is another great strategy to optimize your content, and it has always worked for websites. Linking can be of two types, you can add links to other articles to prove the credibility of your information, or you can also do internal linking. Internal linking is when you add a link to your own page to your blog to take the user to another landing page. This also increases your dwell time as the user spends more time on your website.

Mistakes in Content Creation You Should Avoid

Following are some mistakes that new content creators often make.

Using Too Many Keywords

Keyword stuffing is not the right approach anymore. You need to ensure that you use the right keywords in the right places. If you use too many keywords at random places in your content, Google will consider it spamming, and this will affect your ranking on the search engine.

Duplicate Content

Your content should always be unique. Google wants to recommend valuable and unique content to its audience. If your website has duplicate content, Google will not rank it higher. You should try to bring fresh content to your website and give Google more pages to recommend.

Missing Image Alt Text

It is important to add visual content to your website, but it is also equally important to remember that Google can’t read images and videos. You need to add Alt text to let the crawlers know what the image is about. If you don’t add image Alt text, Google cannot know whether the visual content is relevant or not; hence, it won’t consider it a ranking factor.

Writing a Boring Title

The title of your blog should be catchy. First impressions matter because the users will only click on the link if they like the title. If your title is nothing but boring, the users won’t have a reason to read it. Hence, you should try to bring uniqueness to your titles.


Content is King – and rightfully so; there’s no SEO without content and vice versa. You need to hire professional SEO services in the UK to ensure that your SEO and content are well coordinated. Trajital UK is one of the top SEO agencies in London; they have expert marketers who are dedicated and passionate about marketing. They can create effective content and SEO strategies for your business and help you reach new heights of success.

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