How Can We Use Qiubai Characters?

Arknights, the popular mobile tower-defense game developed by Hypergraph and Studio Montagne, introduces players to a diverse cast of Operators, each with their unique abilities and background stories. Among the array of intriguing characters, one enigmatic strategist stands out: Qiubai. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of Qiubai Arknights and explore the strengths, skills, and popularity of this fascinating Operator.

1. Overview:

Qiubai, also known as “Yan” in some regions, is a 6-star Support Operator. He belongs to the Caster class and specializes in providing strategic support to the team. Qiubai’s combat prowess lies in his exceptional crowd-control abilities and tactical thinking, making him an indispensable asset in various challenging situations.

2. The Background Story of Qiubai

Arknights unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world where deadly infections known as “Originium” have spread, turning humans into dangerous creatures called “Infected.” In this chaotic setting, Operators, individuals with unique talents and powers, form squads to combat the Infected and restore order.

3. Qiubai’s Abilities and Skills

Qiubai possesses several key traits that set him apart from other Operators. His high Attack and Arts damage make him formidable in battles, while his abilities focus on manipulating enemies’ positions and inflicting status effects.

Active Skills

  • Spatial Manipulation (S3): Qiubai can redirect enemies’ movement, altering their paths and clustering them together, ideal for crowd control.
  • Storm of Tactics (S2): This skill grants Qiubai Arknights a powerful, long-ranged attack, dealing heavy Arts damage to foes within his range.
  • Tactical Planning (S1): Qiubai’s basic attack that can silence enemy casters, preventing them from using their skills.

Passive Skills

Qiubai’s passive abilities enhance his support capabilities, such as increasing the SP recovery of allies and granting them additional Arts damage.

4. Obtaining and Upgrading Qiubai

Players can obtain Qiubai through various means, including recruitment, the Headhunting banner, or event rewards. Once acquired, Operators can be upgraded to enhance their stats and skills, significantly increasing their effectiveness in battles.

Acquisition Methods

  • Headhunting: Players can pull for Qiubai during limited-time banners to add him to their squad.
  • Recruitment: Using specific tags in the recruitment system may increase the chances of recruiting Qiubai.

Upgrading and Enhancing Qiubai

To strengthen Qiubai, players must invest in his potential, level, skills, and Trust. Enhancing his abilities will unlock powerful talents and improve his overall performance.

5. Best Team Compositions with Qiubai

Qiubai’s strategic support capabilities shine when paired with compatible Operators in well-crafted teams. Here are some recommended team compositions:

Synergy with Other Operators

Qiubai synergizes well with crowd-control specialists, buffers, and high-damage dealers. Operators like Angelina, Saria, and Exusiai can make excellent companions for him.

Combining Skills for Optimal Performance

Coordinate the timing of Qiubai’s skills with other Operators to maximize their combined potential. For instance, activating his “Spatial Manipulation” when other crowd-control Operators are ready to unleash their abilities can create devastating effects.

6. Qiubai’s Role in Different Game Modes

Qiubai proves his worth in various game modes, each requiring different strategies and team compositions.

Campaign Levels

In campaign levels, Qiubai’s crowd-control skills can halt enemy advances and give your squad a tactical advantage.

Annihilation Mode

Qiubai’s area-of-effect Arts damage can be instrumental in dealing with large waves of enemies in Annihilation Mode.

Contingency Contract

In Contingency Contract, Qiubai’s versatility allows players to adapt to different challenges and modifiers effectively.

7. Strategies for Using Qiubai Effectively

To get the most out of Qiubai, consider the following strategies:

Positioning and Timing

Qiubai’s skills require precise positioning and timing to control enemy movement effectively.

Countering Enemy Types

Understanding enemy types and using the right skills at the right time will yield better results.

Utilizing Talent Combos

Qiubai’s talents can be combined with other Operators’ skills for synergistic effects.

8. Art and Design of Qiubai

Qiubai’s character design showcases his mysterious and intellectual nature. His voice acting further adds depth to his personality, captivating players as they explore his story.

9. Community Reception and Popularity

Qiubai has received positive reviews from players worldwide. Fan art and memes dedicated to the character showcase his growing popularity within the Arknights community.

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, Qiubai’s unique abilities and strategic prowess make him a valuable addition to any Arknights squad. His crowd-control skills and tactical thinking provide a refreshing and engaging gameplay experience. As you embark on your journey in the world of Arknights, don’t miss the opportunity to recruit this enigmatic strategist and unleash his full potential on the battlefield.


Q: Can I obtain Qiubai during any time in the game?

A: Qiubai is available during specific limited-time banners or events. Keep an eye out for his appearance!

Q: How do I upgrade Qiubai’s skills?

A: To upgrade Qiubai’s skills, you will need Skill Points (SP) and LMD (Lungmen Dollars). Gather these resources and head to the Operator’s profile to enhance their abilities.

Q: What is the best team composition with Qiubai for beginners?

A: For beginners, a team with Qiubai, a healer, and a few ranged damage dealers is a solid choice.

Q: Can Qiubai be used in endgame content?

A: Yes, Qiubai’s versatility makes him a viable choice for endgame content like Contingency Contract and difficult campaign levels.

Q: Is Qiubai suitable for all game modes?

A: While Qiubai performs well in most game modes, players should adjust their team composition based on the specific challenges of each mode.

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