How to Do Google Fiber Speed Test & How to Increase Speed?

Internet has become a necessity in our daily life as we need it at every step. Broadband connection has given us the opportunity to use unlimited internet with high speed. People who work from home need stable and high speed internet connection. Tech giant Google launched their broadband service Google Fiber back in 2010. Although it was started with only one basic 1Gig plan, they launched more plans in 2019 and started growing the business. In this write-up, we will discuss how to do a google fiber speed test and how to increase internet speed. 

How to Do Google Fiber Speed Test?

To perform the google fiber speed test, follow these steps:

  • Use Ethernet Connection: For the most accurate Google Fiber speed test, connect your computer directly to the Google Fiber network box via ethernet cable rather than using a wifi connection. This eliminates lag or fluctuations that can occur wirelessly, giving you true hardwired speeds. Power cycle the network box if needed.
  • Close Extra Programs: To get a clean read of full Google Fiber speeds, make sure to close out of all other software applications, browser windows, streaming videos or music players prior to running the test. Shutting down unnecessary programs prevents them from hogging bandwidth and slowing your speed check.
  • Go to Google Fiber website: The best way to perform google fiber speed test is to use the Speedtest tool of the website of Google fiber. Go to the homepage and scroll down to find the “test now” option. Click on it to initiate a timed test that will measure your ping, download speed, and upload speed in real time from the nearest available server.
  • Run Multiple Tests: Because internet speeds can vary slightly each test, it’s best to run at least 3-5 speed checks in a row while still hardwired via ethernet to your Google router. This provides an average speed performance to account for minor fluctuations between tests. Make sure no other devices on the network are running large downloads. 
  • Compare Results to Plan: Once you’ve obtained consistent speed results across several tests, compare your numbers to the internet speeds associated with your Google Fiber plan. For example, their basic 1000 Mbps plan should test around 1000 Mbps downloads/uploads.

How to Increase Internet Speed?

Now that you know how to do google fiber speed test, let’s check out how to increase your internet speed. 

1. Upgrade to a Faster Plan 

The easiest way to increase Google Fiber speeds is upgrading your monthly subscription plan to one offering faster maximum speeds if available in your area. They offer a range of options from 100 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gig) plans to meet different households’ needs and budgets.

2. Optimise Router Placement

Carefully position your Google wifi router centrally within your home or apartment to distribute high-speed signals evenly to all rooms. Avoid obstacles like thick walls or appliances that weaken wireless strength. Also keep routers elevated in open spaces free of objects that can disrupt signals.

3. Upgrade Router Equipment 

While Google provides well-performing routers, purchasing your own upgraded model may further enhance wifi coverage and capacity. Opt for the latest generation dual or tri-band routers with strong antennas and fast processors tailored for fiber optic broadband. Enable enhanced Quality of Service features as well when configuring settings. 

4. Limit Device Connections

Too many devices simultaneously connecting via wifi or ethernet can contribute to congestion and speed bottlenecks. Assign top bandwidth priority to the most essential equipment for work and entertainment while limiting non-essential gadgets allowed simultaneous network access especially for large households.  

5. Use Laptop or Pc for Your Work

If your work requires a high speed internet connection, it is always better to use a laptop or pc rather than a smartphone. While connected through ethernet, a laptop or pc can achieve the maximum speed as per your package. As you can not connect ethernet to your smartphone, it is not possible to achieve maximum speed on a smartphone. 

6. Reset Network Box and Router 

As a routine maintenance step to refresh speeds, power cycle the Google network box waiting for lights to stabilise along with rebooting your router and devices to clear any cached connection issues. Also check firmware on all network equipment ensuring the latest updates have been applied to unlock fastest potential speeds.


This shall clear your doubts on google fiber speed test. For households needing reliably fast internet for 4K streaming, smart home gadgets, gaming, remote work and large downloads, Google Fiber represents one of the best services available with transparent pricing and no contracts. You should check the availability in your area as they only provide their services in limited areas in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast is Google Fiber?

A: Google Fiber offers some of the fastest internet speeds available, it can go upto 8000 Mbps on google fiber speed test. The base 1000 Mbps plan is also much faster than typical cable internet.

Q: Is Google Fiber true fiber optic internet?

A: Yes, Google Fiber provides internet connections via 100% fiber optic cabling straight to your home rather than traditional coaxial copper cables for vastly enhanced speeds and performance.

Q: Does Google Fiber require a contract for new customers?

A: No, Google Fiber does not require any long-term contracts or commitments. You can cancel anytime after your first month of service.  

Q: What installation is required for Google Fiber? 

A: Google Fiber requires running a direct fiber optic line from their municipal access points straight into your home, similar to a professional cable installation. The process takes 3-4 hours typically.  

Q: Does Google Fiber offer cable TV or phone service bundles?

A: No, Google Fiber is an internet-only service currently. 

Q: Will my current modem and router work with Google Fiber?

A: You can use your current router for a new connection but you must use their modem. 

Q: How does Google Fiber customer support work?  

A: Google Fiber offers 24/7 customer support reachable online via chat, email ticketing, through their mobile app, or over the phone.

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