Global Electronic Warfare Market Size, Share, Price, Trends, Growth, Report and Forecast 2023-2028

Electronic Warfare Market Report and Forecast 2023-2028

According to the report by Expert Market Research (EMR), the Global Electronic Warfare Market Size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.00% between 2023 and 2028. Aided by the escalating demand for advanced defence systems due to rising geopolitical tensions and the growing application of electronic warfare across various defence verticals, the market is expected to grow significantly by 2028.

Electronic warfare represents the military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum. It encompasses three main divisions: electronic attack, electronic protection, and electronic warfare support. The technology is employed in various applications, including radar jamming, deception, and cryptographic security, among others, and plays a critical role in modern military operations.

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The global electronic warfare market growth is largely fuelled by the rising geopolitical tensions and evolving nature of warfare worldwide. With the growing threat of cyber-attacks and increasing reliance on digital and electronic systems, nations are investing heavily in advanced electronic warfare systems. This has been particularly noted in nations such as the United States, Russia, and China, leading to significant market growth.

Moreover, the rapid technological advancements in electronic warfare systems have propelled their adoption, thereby propelling the electronic warfare market growth. Today’s systems leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced signal processing to effectively detect, identify, and counter threats. This has greatly improved the performance and efficiency of electronic warfare systems, thereby driving their demand.

The advent of cognitive electronic warfare, which uses AI and machine learning to automatically adapt to changing environments, is expected to provide significant impetus to the electronic warfare market development. This innovative technology allows for faster response times and improved countermeasure effectiveness, making it a game-changer in the realm of electronic warfare.

In addition to the military sector, the use of electronic warfare systems in the aerospace industry has significantly risen. These systems are integral to the operation of modern aircraft, offering protection against potential threats and ensuring secure communication and navigation. This has further boosted the electronic warfare market expansion.

Cryogenic Pump Market Segmentation

The market can be divided based on product, equipment, capability, platform, end use, and region.

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Market Breakup by Product

  • EW Equipment
  • EW Operational Support

Market Breakup by Equipment

  • Jammer
  • Countermeasure System
  • Decoy
  • Directed Energy Weapon
  • Others

Market Breakup by Capability

  • Electronic Protection
  • Electronic Support
  • Electronic Attack

Market Breakup by Platform

  • Land
  • Military Vehicles
  • Soldier Carried
  • Ground Stations
  • Airborne
  • Combat Aircraft
  • Transport Aircraft
  • Special Mission Aircraft
  • Trainer Aircraft
  • Military Helicopters
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Naval
  • Ships
  • Submarines
  • Unmanned Marine Vehicles (UMV)
  • Space

Market Breakup by End Use

  • OEM
  • Upgradation

Market Breakup by Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

Competitive Landscape

The EMR report looks into the market shares, plant turnarounds, capacities, investments, and acquisitions and mergers, among other major developments, of the global electronic warfare companies. Some of the major key players explored in the report by Expert Market Research are as follows:

  • General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc.
  • BAE Systems plc
  • Saab AB
  • Leonardo S.p.A.
  • Others

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