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Custom Pre-Roll Blunt Packaging Boxes


Innovation is a motivator. Beauty captivates. Ease attracts—portability is essential. Quality makes an impression. Sustainability has an impact. Decency is endearing. And the ability to be versatile adds renown to the goods and comfort to the users. These and other characteristics have made pre-roll packaging, such as pre-roll boxes wholesale, trendy among makers of various products and end-users.

Pre-roll boxes are preferred by manufacturers of numerous cigarettes, cartridges, cosmetics,  goods, and so on for retail packaging and wholesale pre-roll boxes because they are more user-friendly, fashionable, artistic, convenient, respectable, and exquisite, allowing designers more room for innovation. Furthermore, these attributes have made them the first choice of end-users.

Explore Extensive Pre-roll Packaging Stock Options:

Hemp pre-rolls are more susceptible to environmental factors such as temperature, air quality, and humidity. High-quality materials make CBD Boxes  more durable, protecting fragile pre-rolls from moisture, wetness, and crumpling. Some materials exude a luxurious look, while others are good for preserving the environment. So, maintain the potency and efficacy of your hemp smokables by having your pre-roll boxes manufactured of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

TCP has a large selection of solid stocks for you to choose from. You may select your preferred material type to protect pre-rolled joints from harmful environmental circumstances or add opulence to their appearance. If you want assistance with this operation, our knowledgeable material Masters will use innovative stock testing tools to automatically choose the high endurance material for creating your pre-rolls packaging with labels.

Just ensure that hemp contained by pre-rolls stay flavorful, fresh, rich and delightful for smokers till a significant period, and they keep coming back to your brand. Discover our extensive range of available materials below that you can choose from for your pre-roll packaging ideas:

  • Cardboard – perfect for keeping fragile pre-rolls safe from biological contamination.
  • Kraft – ideal for giving a nature-friendly feel and ensuring recyclability.
  • Rigid – best for providing a classy appearance and ensuring the safety of pre-rolls
  • Corrugated – optimum choice for preventing pre-rolls from getting broken

Whatever your pre-rolls packaging requirements are, we have you covered. Our material analyzers are accessible to assist you at any moment.

Discover a superb selection of pre-roll box shape and style options:

Making your pre-rolls stand out in this highly competitive industry is no easy task. The highest level of upmarket presentation, approachability, recognition, and noteworthiness on dispensary shelves is required. Do you need a low-cost solution for this purpose? Pre-roll boxes with trendsetting designs and fantastic shapes provide your pre-rolls with a tremendous aesthetic allure.

Increase the visibility of your pre-rolls and make them stand out on dispensary shelves by purchasing unique shapes and types of custom pre-rolls packaging. Producing such beautiful forms and patterns for pre-roll packaging is difficult since it necessitates a high degree of experience and vast knowledge.

Howevzr, when you work with TCP, it becomes a simple process. We have a vast selection of stunning forms and designs for pre-rolls packaging for you to pick from. You may select any shape or style from this selection based on your needs. Check out our picks: Custom boxes for businesses 

Custom Cannabis Chocolate Pre-Roll Boxes

Cannabis is utilized in a variety of medications in addition to smoking. All nations and states that have legalized cannabis usage have seen a rise in the capital due to its manufacturing. As the use of these items grows, there are custom boxes that you can have manufactured in your package.

When you order custom Pre-Roll boxes wholesale from TCP, you may tailor them to your specifications. Our excellent discounts and packages for bespoke cannabis chocolate boxes wholesale make it simple to obtain them at a low cost. We place a particular emphasis on keeping the flavour of cannabis chocolates so that consumers may thoroughly enjoy them.


Gabriel is a luxury hand-blown glass tube with a flat bottom. The lid is constructed of bamboo and has an orange silicone ring. The ring complements the label, producing a fantastic aesthetic synergy while also serving a practical purpose by trapping odours. Gabriel uses these colour accents to distinguish strains and to assist in creating an eye-catching in-store presentation. This type of pre-roll packaging with labels is finished with a specially branded cone, with the grey tip and white triangular logo contrasting with the brilliant orange trimmings.

High Season

High Season aimed for a more premium impression with metallic blue writing on a matte black and a more durable slider box. For added convenience, the package includes a matching pocket and a lighting strip. Consumers like these added accents since they don’t have to worry about packing a light everywhere they go or stealing one from a buddy. The custom pre-roll packaging is completed with specially branded custom pre-roll filters that incorporate their colour spectrum logo.

Emjayze Hemp Goods

Emjayze Hemp Goods is a hemp pre-roll line that uses cigarette-style pre-rolls packaging made of pure hemp. These boxes are clean, well designed, and sustainably sourced. This consistent, genuine brand identity has been an enormous hit among conscious consumers in Texas.

Lowell’s Pre-Rolls

Lowell’s is the best-selling pre-roll in California for a reason. Everything from their high-quality flavor to environmentally responsible packaging mixes for an easy, pleasant smoking experience. Their pre-roll packaging is made of recyclable materials, and their personalized logo is imprinted on the crutch. As a finishing touch, they use Kraft packaging to complete their ecologically responsible brand identification.

Naked Cone

Naked Cone’s packaging has a similar vibe to Royal Reserve’s but in a more contemporary manner. The basic labelling approach allows the buyer to view the joint while giving all required information. The translucent container also lets customers fawn over the kief-coated pre-roll.

Our certified quality inspection team inspects your order of pre-roll boxes wholesale before it is delivered to you to ensure that you always receive the best quality boxes at your door. As a result, we do not compromise on quality, yet we are the fastest in the industry. We manufacture boxes in strict accordance with strict protocols and dispatch them to you in as little as 10 to 12 business days.

Discover the most attractive options for corporate logo printing and finishing:

Whether you’re trading unique cannabis pre-rolls or 10 to 20 marijuana pre-rolled joints together, pre-roll packaging with labels enables you to deliver the brand appeal your customers are looking for. We utilize speciality printing techniques to print your brand logo and marketing tagline on your custom pre-roll boxes that solidify your brand identity in the market and spread your name among the masses.

We also provide you with a vast range of finishing choices that quadruple the branded appeal of your pre-roll packaging and make an everlasting impact on customers’ minds. Discover the finishing choices below:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Spot UV
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Foil Stamping (Gold & Silver)
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Holographic Printing

After all, with the proper pre-roll packaging proudly designed and produced by TCP, your pre-rolls become enticing and suitable to customers while remaining fresh & usable for a long time. With our custom pre-roll boxes designing and printing services, we help you create your cannabis customized pre-roll packaging, marijuana joint packaging, cigarette packaging and other types of pre-roll packaging with complete freedom to choose your required shape, styles and sizes as per your product specifications.

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