Full-Time VS Part-Time Maids in Dubai – What is Right For You

House helpers and cleaners make your life easy. If you have to manage a professional career or have other household responsibilities, a helping hand is perfect for you. That is why many people hire maid services in Dubai to make their routine easy. 

When you search for maid services, you get two options. A monthly maid service in Dubai or part-time maids in Dubai. Both options have their pros and cons. 

Here, we will discuss these options in detail. This information helps you to select the right choice for your needs and requirements.

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Part-Time Maids in Dubai

A part-time maid works on an hourly basis. Their payment method depends on maids or service delivery. You can hire them for a limited time. They after completing tasks. The client is not responsible for their additional expenses. He only pays for the services a cleaner provides. 


  • Productive

When you hire a part-time cleaner for a limited time, they focus on work and do it efficiently and quickly. You will find them quick and attentive to details. They don’t have all day to complete the chores. The condition of limited time makes them highly efficient and fast. 

  • Secure

Hiring a part-time maid service in Dubai is a secure and safe option. They have limited access to your home for a specific time. That is why there are fewer chances of any mishap or incident. You can hire them at the hours when you are available. They complete the task in your presence and maids

  • Cost-Effective

A part-time cleaner is an affordable option. You don’t need to pay extra. You pay for the hired services. A service provider or company is responsible for other expenses. Moreover, you can hire their services whenever you want. If you don’t require their assistance daily, you can take off. You will only pay for the days they will come.

  • Expertise

Professional part-time maids get professional training. They are experts in executing multiple chores. They get proper training in the tasks the company assigns them to perform. That is why you get satisfactory services that match your standard. Part-time cleaners have maids working for multiple clients, so they get more efficiency and expertise.

  • Privacy

Many people prefer part-time cleaners due to their privacy concerns. With part-time maids, you can enjoy your privacy without interruption by any stranger. They come for a limited time and leave after work. You don’t need to share your space with them for a maids


  • Limited Skills

When you hire part-time maids in Dubai, they come with restricted skills. They perform the tasks for which you book them. Part-time cleaners have expertise in limited skills. If you hire an hourly-based cleaner, he may not be a perfect cook. You have to book another maid for this task. 

  • Lack of Consistency

Lack of consistency is another problem you may face with part-time maids. They work for multiple clients. It is difficult for them to remember the preference of everyone. That is why you will notice less consistency in their work. 

  • Restricted Availability

Hourly-based cleaners work for limited hours. You can’t get their services all the time. If you have an emergency or need their assistance urgently, wait for their arrival. They are not available right away. 

Full-Time Maids

A full-time maid works for one client. They live with clients or have separate residences. It depends on the contract. They assist them in multiple chores, such as home cleaning, cooking, children take care, washing clothes, and many other tasks. They get a monthly maids for their services. 


  • Consistent

You will find consistency in the work of full-time cleaners. They work according to your preference. You get a satisfactory and consistent work standard every time. If you want your furniture arranged in a particular manner, full-time maids remember it and set it according to your want. You don’t need to guide them frequently. 

  • Multiple Skills

Full-time maids have multiple duties to perform all day. They have a list of chores, from cleaning homes to dealing with daily menus. They are multi-taskers. You don’t require to hire maids for every task when you have a full-time maid. They can assist you with a variety of chores.

  • Full-Time Availability 

The best advantage you enjoy with full-time maids is their 24/7 availability. Whether you have an emergency or a lot of workload due to family gatherings, your maid is always there to assist you. You don’t need to hire an extra helping hand for assistance on special occasions. 


  • Security

Many people don’t prefer to hire full-time maids due to security issues. There are multiple horror crime stories in which full-time maids involve. Moreover, for those who also have outdoor work, you will find it a risky option. That may be one of the disadvantages of monthly maid service in Dubai. 

  • No Privacy

If you value your privacy and don’t like the presence of a stranger all the time in your space, a full-time maid is a big no for you. When you hire a monthly-based maid for your chores, you share your privacy with them. You can’t discuss everything in front of them. 

  • Long Hiring Procedures

Hiring the services of a full-time maid is a lengthy procedure. You go through a proper process, such as thorough research, interviews, official contracts, work permits, visas, etc. You have to follow many other rules and regulations according to the state. Getting the services of part-time maids is more flexible. 

Wrap Up

This article will clear your perception about full-time or part-time maids in Dubai. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. People choose the option that is more suitable and convenient for them. But many prefer the services of part-time maids. They are more flexible and cost-effective for sure. 

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