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Fresh vs Dried Flower Bouquets- Choose the Perfect Bouquet for Any Occasion

Adding flowers to your home or gifting someone is a fantastic idea. However, when it comes to bouquets, there are two choices-fresh and dried flower bouquets. The following decision about fresh vs dried flower bouquets offers you the pros of both to help you choose the most preferred one for yourself or someone else!

You will seldom find people whose mood does not light up with a lovely bouquet. A bouquet is suitable for any occasion. Also, even without an occasion, you can give someone a bouquet of flowers or buy it for yourself to decorate your home. You can opt for the most suitable bouquet based on the occasion and the interiors of your home or the home of the person you would want to give the bouquet.

However, other than those aspects, you have two other options of preferences for buying and gifting bouquets. The two options include fresh and dried flower bouquets. We can also refer to them as two kinds of bouquets. The following discussion will examine these two kinds of bouquets and their benefits. With the following discussion, you can decide whether it is better to opt for a fresh or dried flower bouquet based on the benefits of both types. So, let us begin the discussion without any further delay about Fresh vs Dried Flower Bouquets.

What are fresh flower bouquets?

The name, fresh flower bouquet, is substantial to offer you an understanding of what this bouquet is made of. A fresh bouquet consists of fresh flowers which are afresh. There are no fake flowers in a fresh bouquet. You can readily customize a fresh bouquet. They symbolize joy, newfound happiness, and anything new and novel. You can really use them as gifts or for decorating your interiors.

Pros of fresh flower bouquets

There are numerous benefits or pros of fresh flower bouquets, which are as follows.

Fresh flowers

The flowers in a fresh flower bouquet are all new and fresh. Fresh flowers integrate and provide an essence of freshness wherever they are placed.

Comparatively, lower costs

Fresh flower bouquets are comparatively lower prices than dried flower bouquets. The dried flower bouquets require preservation requirements and maintenance. Therefore, generally, their costs start higher than the fresh flower bouquet. Also, spending on which flower you choose to make the bouquet, the number of flowers, and the extravagance contribute to the ultimate cost of the fresh flower bouquets.

Lift mood

Fresh flowers are known to enhance the mood of the people who are around them. Therefore, many people often recommend keeping fresh flowers in your interiors and changing them daily to sustain the freshness both literally and metaphorically. Therefore, you can readily uplift your mood or someone else’s mood by gifting them a bouquet of fresh flowers or adding a vase to your room.

Fresh Flower Bouquet

Natural perfume for home

Fresh flowers are known to carry heavenly mist. Their aroma is completely natural, and when you add them to your room or gift them to someone, the scent of the flowers is sure to make the entire you have a lovely scent. A bouquet of fresh flowers can effectively act as a room freshener without any artificial components.

What are dried flower bouquets?

Some flowers are dried and preserved, and with these flowers, you can make a bouquet. These bouquets of dried and preserved flowers are called dried flower bouquets. It requires quite a certain number of processes to dry and preserve the flowers to keep their benefits and beauty intact. Dried flower bouquets are a symbol of hope. There are no fake flowers involved in makin

g dried flower bouquets. All the flowers in the dried flower bouquet are real. They require preservatives so that their shape and colour sustain. It is the reason the cost of dried flower bouquets is comparatively more than that of fresh flower bouquets.

Pros of dried flower bouquets

There are numerous benefits and pros of dried flower bouquets as well. They are as follows.


If you want to give someone a bouquet that will last long, dried flower bouquets are the perfect option. The flowers here are preserved; thus, they are meant to last for long periods. The fresh flower bouquets dry after a couple of days, or at the maximum time, a week. But the dried flower bouquets last for a considerably long time because of their preserved and dried state. An average dried flower bouquet can last up to a year.

Dried Flowers Bouquet

Low maintenance requirements

The flowers in the dried flower bouquet are preserved and dried. Therefore, you need not water them or spend your time looking after them. So, if you have a busy schedule but still want to keep flowers at your home, choosing dried flower bouquets will be a tremendous and ideally suitable choice.


The variety of dried flowers available is highly commendable. So, you can readily customize your bouquet using numerous bright dried flowers.

Dried Flowers


If you want to stand out in decorating your interiors or in gifting someone a special and unique gift, you can readily opt for dried flower bouquets. They are among the most inimitable and innovative gifts or decorative items with aesthetic value and symbolic meaning.

Final words

So, whether you prefer dried or fresh flowers depends on your choices and requirements and are easily available on nearby local florist shop. If you require freshness and affordability, opting for a fresh flower bouquet from our reliable flower delivery services is the best choice. But, if you prefer prolonged durability and uniqueness, dried flower bouquets,

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