Forex Margin and Free Margin: Similarities & Differences

In the world of Forex trading, knowing the difference between ‘forex Margin’ and ‘Free Margin’ is like understanding the rules of the game. It’s crucial for making smart decisions and safeguarding your money. In this guide, we’ll break down these terms in a simple way so you can use them to your advantage.

What is Margin in Forex Trading?

Think of Margin as a security deposit you need in your trading account to place trades. It’s like a guarantee to your broker that you have enough money to open and hold positions. Brokers often offer you leverage, which is like borrowing extra funds to control larger trades, even if you don’t have much money in your account. This is called trading on Margin.


Imagine you have an account with a broker offering 400:1 leverage. To control a trade worth $400, you only need $1 as Margin. So, your Margin requirement is just 0.25% (1/400).

Understanding Free Margin in Forex Trading:

Free Margin is like the money you have left over after you’ve set aside some funds to keep your trades running. It’s the cash you can use to open new trades whenever you want.

Free Margin changes as your trades do well or not so well. If your trades are losing money, it decreases, but if they’re making money, it goes up. To effectively use this feature while trading visit novatechfx broker platform.

Example 1:

Let’s say you have $1,000 in your account, and you’ve used $350 for an open trade. Your Free Margin is $650 ($1,000 – $350).

Example 2:

If your account balance is $15,000 and you want to buy something, like 3 lots of a currency pair, GBPUSD, at a rate of 1.26000, your broker might let you do it even if you don’t have $378,000 in your account. Instead, you’ll need a Margin of $3,780 (which is $378,000 divided by the leverage of 100).

Now, let’s say you make a good prediction, and the GBPUSD price goes up to 1.28750. That’s a gain of about 0.0275 pips (1.28750 – 1.26000), equivalent to $10,395 ($378,000 x 0.0275).

According to the Free Margin formula, you’d have $21,615 ($15,000 + $10,395 – $3,780) in Free Margin in your account.

The Difference Between Margin and Free Margin:

Margin is the money you set aside to open and hold trades, assuring your broker that you have the necessary funds. On the other hand, Free Margin is the money you can use to start new trades whenever you want.

You can’t take back your Margin once it’s in a trade; it’s locked up there. But you can withdraw your Free Margin anytime you need it. It’s like having money in your wallet versus money in a locked savings account.

The free margin, as displayed on your trading platform, represents the available funds you can use to initiate new trades. In contrast, the margin indicates the funds reserved for trades that are currently active.

The margin from your existing trades is utilized to calculate the margin level, which directly impacts whether your account faces a margin call. Free margin, on the other hand, does not influence the occurrence of a margin call.

The free margin accessible in your Personal Area is eligible for withdrawal, providing you with the flexibility to access these funds. However, the funds kept as margin cannot be withdrawn as long as trades remain open.

The total amount of both margin and free margin at any given moment is referred to as Equity.

Why Understanding Margin and Free Margin Matters:

Knowing these terms is like knowing the rules of the road when you’re driving. It helps you make safer decisions and avoid accidents. In Forex trading, understanding Margin and Free Margin is your roadmap to making smarter choices. 

It keeps you from getting caught off guard by unexpected turns in the market. If you know what you’re doing, you won’t get into situations where you might have to close your trades because you ran out of Margin.

Risk Management:

Risk management in forex can be tricky. Imagine your Margin as a safety net that keeps you secure during market uncertainties. It assures you can endure market ups and downs. On the flip side, Free Margin is your flexibility.

It allows you to grab opportunities, diversify, and adapt swiftly. Balancing Margin and Free Margin is like finding equilibrium on a tightrope. Explore personalized risk management strategies with the professionals at vault-markets platform. 

Relying too much on Margin can lead to unnecessary risks, while having too little might limit your ability to explore new opportunities. It’s all about finding the right balance to keep your financial journey steady and safe.


In the world of Forex trading, grasping the difference between ‘Margin’ and ‘Free Margin’ is your ticket to smart, secure trading. Margin is like your safety deposit, ensuring you can trade, while Free Margin is your extra cash for new trades.

Think of it as having money in your wallet versus in a locked box. Understanding these terms is like knowing traffic rules – it keeps you safe. It’s your roadmap, preventing unexpected market surprises. 

With this knowledge, you won’t find yourself in situations where you have to close trades due to lack of Margin. So, consider these concepts your guide, protecting your money and paving the way for confident trading decisions. Happy trading!

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