Exploring the best of Shimla Manali from Surat: From vibrant city to serene landscapes of Himachal

A journey from the city of Surat to the landscapes of Shimla Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a delightful experience. The contrast between the bustling city life and the tranquil mountains creates a perfect balance for a memorable trip.

Here we present the best itinerary for a week trip to Shimla Manali from Surat to help you planning the trip. In this blog post, we will guide you through the best attractions and activities in Shimla and Manali. Also ensure that your journey from Surat is filled with breathtaking scenery, adventurous experiences, and memories.

Shimla The Queen of Hills

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a charming region known for colonial architecture, scenic beauty, and pleasant weather. Here are the top attractions to explore in Shimla.

1: Mall Road

Begin your Shimla adventure by strolling along the famous Mall Road. Lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants, it offers a perfect blend of shopping and dining experiences. Indulge in local delicacies, purchase handicrafts, and capture the beauty of Shimla at every turn.

2: The Ridge

Located at the heart of Shimla, The Ridge is a spacious open space. It offers panoramic views of the snow capped mountains and colonial era buildings. It is also a venue for various cultural events and fairs, adding vibrancy to your visit.

3: Christ Church

Visit the iconic Christ Church, located on The Ridge. Admire the neo Gothic architecture and step inside to witness beautiful stained glass windows. The tranquil atmosphere and spiritual vibes make it a must visit spot in Shimla.

4: Kufri

Embark on a short trip to Kufri, a picturesque hill station near Shimla. Enjoy horse rides, go hiking, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surrounding landscapes. Visit the Himalayan Nature Park, home to various species of flora and fauna.

5: Jakhu Temple

Trek up to Jakhu Temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and enjoy the breathtaking views of Shimla from hilltop. The temple is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a serene and spiritual ambiance. Keep an eye out for playful monkeys during your visit.

Manali Adventure and Serenity

Manali, nestled in the Beas River Valley, is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Here are the top attractions in Manali.

1: Rohtang Pass

Journey to Rohtang Pass, located at an altitude of 3978 meters. From here, you can marvel at the snow capped peaks, pristine glaciers, and cascading waterfalls. Engage in thrilling activities like skiing, snowboarding, and sledging, creating unforgettable memories.

2: Hadimba Temple

Visit the ancient Hadimba Temple, surrounded by towering deodar trees. Admire the intricate woodwork and experience the peaceful atmosphere. Take a moment to connect with nature in the temples serene surroundings.

3: Solang Valley

Indulge in adventure activities at Solang Valley, such as paragliding, zorbing, and skiing. Experience an adrenaline rush while enjoying the stunning views of the valley. Its a perfect destination for adventure seekers.

4: Vashisht Hot Springs

Relax and rejuvenate at the Vashisht Hot Springs, known for their therapeutic properties. Take a dip in the warm waters and feel the stress melt away. The tranquil setting amidst the mountains adds to the soothing experience.

5: Old Manali

Explore the charm of Old Manali with its narrow lanes, quaint cafes, and vibrant markets. Immerse yourself in the hippie culture, indulge in delicious food, and shop for unique souvenirs. Do not forget to visit the Manu Temple, dedicated to the sage Manu, considered the creator of the world.

Planning Your Trip from Surat

To make the most of your trip from Surat to Shimla Manali, here are few tips to keep in mind.

1: Travel

The most convenient way to reach Shimla and Manali from Surat is by air. Book a flight to Chandigarh or Delhi and then take a taxi or bus to Shimla and Manali. Alternatively, you can also opt for a scenic road trip by hiring a cab or driving your own vehicle.

2: Duration

To explore the best of Shimla and Manali, plan a trip of at least 5 to 7 days. This will allow you to visit all the major attractions and indulge in adventure activities at a relaxed pace.

3: Accommodation

Both Shimla and Manali offer a range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget hotels and cozy home stays. Book your stay in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability.

4: Season

The best time to visit Shimla and Manali is during summer (April to June) when the weather is pleasant. You should avoid the monsoon season (July to September) due to heavy rainfall. During the winter season (December to February) when temperatures can drop below freezing.

5: Itinerary

Plan your itinerary in advance to make the most of your time. Allocate sufficient time for sightseeing, adventure activities, and relaxation. Do not forget to factor in travel time between destinations.


A trip from Surat to Shimla and Manali offers a perfect blend of vibrant city life and serene mountain landscapes. From exploring the colonial charm of Shimla to indulging in thrilling adventures in Manali, this journey is a perfect escape.

Immerse in the beauty of Himachal Pradesh, create lasting memories, and return home with a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. So, plan your trip wisely and follow the tips mentioned above. Get ready to explore the enchanting attractions of Shimla and Manali with your loved ones.

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