Experience the Thrill: Affordable Desert Safari Package in Dubai

Whether you’re mesmerized by a perfect sunrise, an elegant sunset or dazzling stars embellishing the sky at night, any Affordable Desert Safari Package in Dubai with this company will help make your dream come true. Their amenities are outstanding and their prices are reasonable too, as they consider your wallet.

For a little more luxury you can book their morning desert safari with hot air balloon and falcon experience. Click here to check prices and availability!

What You Can Expect

Depending on the package you choose, you can experience anything from a basic desert safari to an overnight adventure. All of them include pick-up from your hotel, driving across the vast sandscape in a 4×4, and taking part in exhilarating activities.

In addition to dune bashing, some packages also offer quad riding and sand boarding. For the latter, you are given a board to ride on and can move around as you like. You just need to watch out for the fine dust that can get into your eyes, mouth and nose!

Henna painting is another popular activity that many tours include. This is a traditional kind of body art, which usually leaves a stained pattern on your hands and wrists. It’s pretty cool, and you’ll have a souvenir that will remind you of your time in the UAE desert! Some tours also offer a Tanoura show and belly dancing. Choose a longer version of this to make the most of your experience!

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a thrilling experience that’s more spine-tingling than any roller-coaster ride you can get on. It involves a driver hurling your vehicle over the dunes at different speeds, creating lots of skid and slide action – and screaming. It can be an intense experience but it’s completely safe if you book your package with the right company. They use luxurious SUVs with safety gear and reduce tire pressure for smooth movement over the sand dunes.

Some of the longer day tours combine dune bashing with other desert activities such as camel rides and sandboarding. These trips also include dinner at a Bedouin camp. Entertainment shows like belly dancing and Tanoura whirling dances add to the experience.

Some people may suffer from motion sickness when they go dune bashing. Luckily, this is a rare occurrence. The dune bashing drivers are experienced, and they know how to spot when someone is feeling nauseous. The dune basing drivers will stop if they notice that one of the passengers is feeling unwell. Taking medication before the trip may help to prevent motion sickness.

Camel Riding

If you want to tick camel riding off your bucket list while staying at a desert camp, it’s worth booking an overnight trip. This gives you time to enjoy the sunset journey on a camel back and a chance to stay in a Bedouin-style tent for the night.

Camels are a key to life in the Middle East, and they’re an integral part of many desert excursions. But it’s important to know that these animals are overworked to fit in with tourism schedules, and they may not be as well-looked after as you might think.

Camels should be weighed down as little as possible so they don’t injure themselves and are not overworked. It’s best to avoid hawkers directly in front of tourist sites, and to check with your tour company about whether the operator is providing an ethical experience. If you see any red flags, let them know! They’ll appreciate the feedback and be less likely to exploit these animals.

Other Activities

There’s more to a desert safari than just dune bashing and camel riding. Many Affordable Desert Safari Package in Dubai a variety of fun activities, such as falcon experiences (falcons are tame and the trainers know them well), folk dance shows, and henna painting.

Another popular activity is quad riding, which is similar to dune bashing but on four wheels. Some tours include sand boarding, which is like snowboarding on sand and great for adrenaline junkies. And if you’re feeling particularly luxurious, consider booking an overnight desert safari to enjoy a dinner and stargazing under the stars.

Morning Affordable Desert Safari Package in Dubai are also available, so if you’re an early bird, there’s no reason not to check one out. You’ll get to experience dune bashing and the dunes before sunrise, and then you’ll be whisked away for a hot air balloon ride above the dunes for a breathtaking view. It’s an experience you won’t forget. The cost is slightly higher, but it’s worth it. Check prices and availability here.


The desert safari experience has so much more to offer than just dune driving and camel riding. You can also take part in other exciting activities such as quad biking, sand boarding (similar to snowboarding but on the dunes), folk dance shows, and even get a henna tattoo—an ancient kind of body art.

Many of the Affordable Desert Safari Package in Dubai include a visit to the camel shelter, which is a good opportunity to take pictures in this beautiful setting. Others include a falcon experience, which is interesting for those who enjoy the sight of these beautiful birds and their trainers.

Those who like to see the sunset in the desert can opt for an evening desert safari. This is a special experience that is not offered on all tours, because it offers a private vehicle that is dedicated to the group.

An overnight desert safari is a great option for those who want to spend a night under the stars in a comfortable tent. It comes with lots of fun entertainment and a tasty buffet dinner.

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