Elevating Brand Identity: Kraft Boxes Made in Australia

As our planet faces climate change issues, businesses are looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions. This is where kraft boxes made in Australia come in, as they are environmentally friendly and cause no harm. Moreover, by using kraft paper packaging box, you can reduce packaging waste and present your products with pride. In this article, we will explain why kraft boxes are needed and how they help elevate your brand. Moreover, you can also find the benefits of kraft box packaging in this write-up. 

Why Kraft Box Packaging?

Kraft boxes made in Australia are alternatives to traditional packaging, such as plastic. Plastic was a popular material in the past, but due to some reasons, businesses stopped using it. One main reason it takes hundreds of years to decompose. Moreover, it emits poisonous chemicals while being recycled. 

That’s why almost all countries ban using plastics and provide kraft packaging material as an alternative. Kraft is composed of natural materials such as wood pulp and does not release any toxic chemicals during the recycling process. 

Elevate Your Brand Identity With Kraft Boxes in Australia

In this cutthroat world, you need a proper marketing strategy to boost your business and create your brand’s identity. Kraft boxes made in Australia are not only environmentally friendly but also the best marketing tool to create your brand’s recognition. Their eco-friendly appeal, customisable designs, and natural charm create a memorable unboxing experience. They also build a stronger connection with your customers by setting your products apart from others and making them customers’ ultimate choice use kraft box packaging with a logo. 

Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes Australia

Here are some benefits of using kraft box packaging:

  • Versatile

Kraft packaging boxes are versatile and used in various industries. Whether you are in the cosmetic, food, or fashion business, these boxes are the best fit. You can use them to showcase your products in more natural and organic ways. 

  • Best for Gifting

If you want to package your gift products, kraft gift boxes are an excellent choice. Whether you want to display birthday gifts for Christmas or any other occasion, you can use kraft boxes made in Australia. 

By presenting your gifts in eco-friendly packaging, you can assure customers that you care for the environment. Moreover, kraft gift boxes are not only nature friendly but also attract eco-conscious customers.  

  • Durable

The durability of packaging is the only thing that you need, and kraft packaging is highly durable and sturdy packaging. It can withstand the challenges during shipping and handling. Which enables you to protect your products from damage and deliver them in pristine condition. 

  • Eco-friendly

Kraft boxes in Australia are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. These kraft packaging boxes reduce carbon footprint. Therefore, if not segregated in the trash, they will decompose in the landfill in a few weeks. 

Furthermore, by using these packaging boxes, you can give a pleasant and natural touch to your products. Moreover, by using kraft paper packaging box, you can take a great initiative toward a greener future. 

  • Cost-effective 

Kraft packaging boxes are less expensive. Raw materials are used to make these boxes which keeps the cost lower than other packaging. Moreover, their lightweight nature can save shipping costs, and you don’t have to pay extra for exceeding weight. 

Additionally, kraft boxes wholesale offer a big relief for small, medium, and large size businesses. Buying wholesale packaging saves you money and time. 

  • Customisable

Kraft Boxes Australia are customisable and can be created in any colour, shape, and size. Whether you need small kraft boxes to pack tiny products or larger boxes for big ones, you can make them. Moreover, you can use advanced printing techniques such as offset, digital, and flexo printing to print your mini kraft boxes. You can add your logo, design elements, and other crucial information directly toon Kraft packaging boxes. 

Different Types of Kraft Boxes Made in Australia

Below are some of the most common types of kraft boxes made in Australia:

  1. Cut Out Window Boxes

To make your boxes more eco-friendly for customers, use cut-out window boxes instead of adding plastic windows. You can use these boxes to store lightweight products such as phone accessories, hair clips, and others. 

This cut-out window not only offers sustainable packaging but also provides a clear view of your products. 

  1. Resealable Pouches

Resealable pouches are made of kraft paper and used to pack various products including dry fruits, herbs, spices, and others. These pouches protect products from moisture and enhance their shelf life. 

  1. Counter Display

It is a popular type of kraft boxes Australia and is used to display products on the counters of stores. They used to entice customers to buy more. Due to their eye-catching design, these kraft packaging boxes are meant to grab the attention of customers. 

  1. Gift Boxes 

Gifts are precious products that need elegant packaging as they are. Kraft gift boxes are available in many different styles and designs, such as pillow boxes. These boxes are pillow-shaped and are the most popular and demanding style for gift packaging. You can use them to store and display various products such as jewellery, chocolates, and many more. 

  1. Paper Bags

Kraft boxes in Australia are also available in bag style. They are the best option when someone goes shopping. These kraft paper bags are lightweight and easy to carry. 

Final Words:

Kraft boxes in Australia are a great solution to elevate your brand’s identity and set it apart from your competitors. Moreover, they are a sustainable packaging solution and provide a chemical-free environment for your hygienic food. Kraft packaging boxes are naturally brown and give a natural and sophisticated touch to your packaging. If you need kraft boxes in other colours contact OXO Packaging, a reliable packaging supplier in Australia. For more information about kraft boxes made in Australia contact us at any time.

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