Does Skyscanner charge a booking fee?

Skyscanner makes it easy to find cheap flights worldwide. The platform offers discounted Skyscanner flights from Manchester and other places using many search options. Supporting user decision making

There are two booking options on Skyscanner for flight searches and bookings. Either through a third party or the medium. Thus it up to you whether to purchase Skyscanner flights directly or through a third party booking site. The flight booking medium determines whether you pay a booking fee.

Everything you need to know.

Unlocking Cost Savings

Skyscanner wants to save you money as your trip buddy. This is why the platform doesn’t charge consumers for direct bookings or purchases on third party websites.  Skyscanner is your best bet for finding cheap flights without hidden costs.

Users can also use the platform exclusive search filters and features to make budget friendly choices and get the greatest prices.

Connecting You to the Best

The website matches travellers with airlines and travel providers. Skyscanner only displays flights within your budget and interests.  Offering a variety of travel options to match your needs.

Skyscanner reputable airline partners and travel companies provide unique deals and discounts for platform customers. You can easily use these promos while booking flights.

Transparent Pricing policy

Skyscanner makes things obvious. After finding the right flight on the platform a traveller can book it with transparent price policies.

All airfare pricing fees and additional costs will be displayed on your screen and you won’t be charged anything more.

Beware of Sneaky Surcharges

While Skyscanner has straightforward pricing you should be careful of third party booking sites hidden own fees or charges.

Thus your travel agent or booking provider may charge you booking service or payment processing costs. Skyscanner has no direct participation. Therefore you must read each third party travel agent booking terms and conditions.

You’re in Control

Skyscanner puts you in charge of the booking process letting you make educated selections. From flight date to on board services you may customize anything. There are no hidden fees

You pay what you see.

After booking your ticket you can easily change its dates travel times seats baggage allowance or other services without penalty. However the airline pricing practices should be evaluated.

Since Skyscanner doesn’t charge clients you can book flights for free.

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