Discover the Secret to Perfectly Restored Bricks – You Won’t Believe the Before and After!



The appearance of brick facades can be quite captivating, evoking feelings of nostalgia and providing a sense of security. Yet while these structures may appear sturdy on the exterior, they often harbor issues within – necessitating repairs to maintain their structural integrity.

Fortunately, experts in brick restoration can provide an expedited solution! With just a few steps you can transform dilapidated bricks into sparkling new ones that will invigorate any facade with added luster and vitality.


How to get started with brick restoration


Before you commence brick repair, it is essential to prepare the brick. First step would be to evaluate any dominant oxides or stains on the surface of your brick and then select an appropriate cleaner or chemical treatment for a satisfying end result.

If you discover moss-like growths on your bricks, don’t despair – there are several methods through which this can be dealt with effectively. A simple application of salt could restore a portion of its former vibrancy; alternatively, you may opt for scrubbing with a mild abrasive like steel wool before using high pressure washers or even steamers as additional options for ridding the moldy substance.


1. You’ll Need a Professional Handyman for the Job


You may be able to tackle your bricks’ restoration task yourself if you have prior experience or a keen eye for detail. However, don’t let eagerness fool you; this is not an undertaking that should be taken lightly. Don’t attempt any DIY repairs on chimneys, fireplaces or bathtubs – leave it up to the pros!

Hire a contractor now if you plan on undergoing any renovations; you’ll need their expertise in order to guarantee that your work looks well done. If you’re performing some basic tasks such as replacing tiles in a kitchen or fixing cracked mortar then give it your all and avoid over-doing things; after all, doing more than necessary can often lead to unintentional errors!


2. Start by Taking a Rug and Roller Approach


If, however, the brickwork has been breached due to heavy rain or a severe storm but without any visible chipping or cracking; then it is possible to proceed with urgent repairs as well.

To mend damaged bricks and mortar, you can employ any number of products – from spackle and water-based epoxy resins for long-term solutions to grout-filled void fillers for short-term fixes.


3. Use Special Poxy Putty to Repair Cracks


If you find your brick is cracked, examine the condition and categorize it.

If there’s a crack measuring less than an inch in length and less than 1/8 of an inch wide, then chances are that it can be repaired with construction adhesive. If the cracks are longer or wider – up to 1-inch in length and more than ¼-inch wide – then we’ll turn to the pry bar!

Never use anything other than construction adhesive to patch cracks in fresh mortar before its cured; otherwise it could result in weakened joints and potentially lead to further deterioration of the structure.


4. Carefully Repair Cracks with Nail Stubs


For those pesky cracks that cannot be patched with mortar or other compounds, a solution can be found in the form of wooden dowel-like nails called “stubs.”

Utilize a drill and a metal bit to bore into the crack, then insert one end of a wooden nail. Apply pressure to the nail, creating a hinge effect while simultaneously strengthening your structure – this process is known as luting; use additional nails if necessary for further support.


5. If You’re Still Confident


If your level of expertise is insufficient for undertaking a brick restoration project, don’t be discouraged! There are several options available.

For instance: you could hire an experienced team! Or if cost is an issue or time constraints limit your options then consider hiring a pro; they can provide expert services at an affordable cost.


Apply a Second Layer of Putty


Have you encountered situations, such as with age and climate changes that have caused bricks to crack?

In instances such as these, the solution for restoring a brick is typically to apply an epoxy resin. However, if the initial repair does not yield satisfactory results or you wish to move forward with more advanced efforts; then don’t despair! You can always rely on an abundance of options when it comes to salvaging broken pieces from your brick.

For instance, some consumers might opt to use grout between bricks while others may want to replace those stones altogether with matching color tiles or even composite panels.


6. Consider Hiring a Specialist to Repair Seams and Other Complex Repairs


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of having to undertake your own brick restoration project, consider employing the assistance of a pro. With their skillful hands at work and a wealth of knowledge about bricks under their belt, these professionals possess all the necessary expertise required for a flawless job!

However, if it is an ambitious undertaking that you need assistance with, then consider seeking out skilled tradesmen who can tackle more complex repairs. Some examples include:



If you are considering the prospect of hiring a pro for brick restoration, be sure to verify the credentials and certifications of those who offer such services.

When in doubt, it’s always wise to hire a specialist. Don’t let an inexperienced technician undertake a task that requires painstaking attention. Ensure they have adequate experience or training before entrusting them with any restoration efforts.

Don’t trust just anybody! Ensure that you select an experienced professional to work on your bricks – make sure their credentials are up to snuff before commencing work.




For those who desire a more expedient process, our team can perform brick restoration in as little as two days. Our speed is one of our most valuable assets – we will restore your home in record time!

For those seeking an expedient solution that requires minimal effort, contact us today!

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