Custom Mailer Boxes – Establish Your Brand Instantly

The packaging industry has been growing rapidly for the last few years due to the advancements in the e-commerce industry. Most business owners are using custom mailer boxes to make their brand successful in the industry.

Whether you are an old business geek or a new start-up owner, these custom printed mailer boxes can be an excellent marketing strategy. You might have an idea finding the right size packaging box can be a challenging task.

To end your problems, we are here with printed mailer boxes to ease you while offering protection and great visual aesthetics. These custom packaging boxes are one of the best choices to be used as a branding tool in the market.

As these boxes come with a number of features and benefits, many companies have started investing in mailer boxes so that they can easily create excellent quality brand awareness all around the globe.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Mailer box is one of the most preferred solutions for packaging as anyone can order anything through the internet. Mailer Boxes are rigid in nature and are exceptionally product oriented. Printed mailers are designed in a way that they seem to be customized on both sides.

To mention custom mailers are manufactured to withstand any mishap or pressure during the shipping process. You can pack small and fragile items in these mailer boxes. As these packaging boxes are available in all sizes and designs, it’s easy to pack products in these boxes.

Using mailers for delivering the products ensures the products’ safety without any extra charges. With customized mailer boxes, you can provide extra protection to the products as they are easy to handle and light in weight.

Are Custom Mailer Boxes the Right Choice for Your Business?

When you are deciding the right choice for your product packaging, custom mailer boxes can represent your brand. As a businessman, you must have a few questions like:

  • Which box will be the right choice for your business?
  • What should be the packaging cost?
  • What advantages does the custom made box bring to your company and brand?

So here, you must consider some of the notable factors before deciding on the right custom mailer box for shipping products either to near or distant places!

  • Size

Customization serves to be the key to printed mailer boxes as you can easily create the box with any dimensions and the product needs. Generally, it’s the product that decides what the box size will be. So if you deal in a number of products, you must have more than one custom size for the product boxes.

  • Design

As these custom mailers are available in all sizes and shapes, you can have these boxes printed with any colour and design. It completely depends on whatever products you are selling. This design is not confined to the outside of the box only.

80% of the shipments generated by the industry originate from corrugator plants. The remainder of shipments for the corrugated industry come from sheet plants.

You can have printing and design on the box’s interior too. With advanced printing techniques, you can have artistic printing on the box that will further bring potential customers to elevate your brand in the market.

  • Budget

Checking out the price of mailer boxes is important, too, as you must have an idea of how much budget you have to spend on box manufacturing. Whenever you are negotiating the box price, make sure you are aware of the box dimensions for the product packaging.

Factors like the box size, design and the material which will be used for the box production will greatly affect the budget. A box that keeps the products safe and secure and seems aesthetically pleasing brings more consumers than anything else.

Why are Printed Mailer Boxes Best for Shipping Products?

Those people who are dealing in shipping goods must have an idea of how they can easily transport their products safely to the customer’s home. So if you are searching for a perfect choice for packaging goods, you must consider custom mailer boxes.

Investing in custom printed mailer boxes can ultimately lead to a better brand image and increased revenue for your company. Have a look at some of the main reasons why you should invest in printed mailer boxes for product shipping!

Appealing Packaging Choices

When you are selecting the right choice for custom mailer boxes, you can opt for exceptional choices for package aesthetics. Aesthetics are not confined to changing the size and shape of a box. 

It means you can change the printing, styling and even other techniques too. For adding quality aesthetics, try playing with window panes and panels or the colours scheme of the mailer box.

Cost Effective

For buying custom mailer shipping boxes, you can easily get the perfect size for the product box. It means you don’t have to pay extra for the fillers or for any material to make your product fit the packaging box.

With these custom mailer boxes, you can save a lot of money by choosing the best product packaging solution.

Brand Awareness

When you are selecting the packaging box, you must think about how you can outshine your competitors and create brand awareness among the consumers regarding your products. With customized mailer boxes, you can let people know everything about your brand.

On the packaging box, you can add a lot of required details like the brand’s name, logo and slogan or even your brand’s values. Ultimately, the people receiving custom-made boxes will be happy with what they are receiving, and definitely, they’ll tell others too about your brand.

Choice of Material

Some companies and brands offer their clients whatever their material choice is for the boxes. The choice of material for the packaging box also matters as its source that is going to protect it from any damage or breakage.

Most of the time, the material used for mailer boxes is corrugated in nature, and its sturdiness makes it a good choice for protecting the products against any damage. In corrugated material, there are layers or flutes among the liner sheets.

“The United States shipped 416 billion square feet (BSF) of corrugated packaging in 2021. Between 2022 and 2026, U.S. shipments of corrugated boxes are forecast to exhibit a CAGR of 1.7 percent to reach 450 BSF.”

This adds to the strength, and the customers can easily select whatever styling and design they want to have for their product box. You can also have printing options for the printed mailer box.


Today, there are many companies that opt for custom printed mailer boxes with advanced and proper packaging solutions. You can save up to millions on marketing your brand and products with custom mailer boxes.

If you have an e-commerce store or a huge marvelous business empire, check out your business requirements and see how captivating these mailers will prove for your business. I hope now you have a clear idea of how you can instantly establish your brand with custom mailer boxes.

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