12 Cool Ways To Rock The Micro Mini Skirt Trend

If you haven’t heard about the micro mini skirt trend, we ‘d like to apologize in advance and state that you’ve been living under a rock.

A BIG thing back in the day, the micro mini skirt is back and how! A trend that you can not miss, the micro mini skirt fever has gotten a sartorial revival. Tbh, there is no match with its power to let you curate versatile looks with just one skirt.

If you’re ready to trail the blaze, then here are 13 ultra cute and chic ways to style it your way and set the temperature high.

Different Types of Maxi Skirts

Before we proceed with the different ways to style a maxi skirt, you need to understand that there are different types of maxi skirts – from the flowy, boho-inspired skirts to the more fitted and structured skirts.

So, it’s essential to know which style would suit your body type and personal style. If you want a classic look, go for a full, flowing skirt.

This type of maxi skirt will look great on tall girls and will give you a feminine silhouette. If you’re shorter or curvier, try a fitted maxi skirt instead.

This style will help to define your curves and create a flattering shape. Now that you know about the different types of maxi skirts, it’s time to learn how to style them.

Matchy Vibes

Jazz up an all-black outfit by throwing in a bright or neon coloured bustier to break the monotony. Pair it up with same-coloured boots or sneakers and a baguette and you’ll practically nail this trend!

Meshy Affair

If wearing a micro mini is a little too daring for you, worry not, there’s a loophole. You can pair it with sheer stockings and a mesh top to show just a tease of skin. With an oversized jacket, shacket or coat, you will be simply good to go!

Daddy Cool

Pair something really big with something really tiny! An oversized daddy shirt or a shirt dress makes a stunning statement with a micro-mini skirt.

Allow the shirt to peek from below the skirt and you’ll have a perfectly put-together brunch outfit! Complete the look with sleek hair and a soft glam makeup look. Try our Own The Light Liquid Highlighter for that perfect dewy look.

Soft Romantic

Love something that looks sexy yet romantic? Club your black micro-mini with a crisp white shirt and a red bustier.

Complete the look with tall boots, a matching beret and a bright red lip. You’ll be stealing hearts, mark our words!

Crop On Crop

Flaunt your midriff by pairing a crop top/crop shirt or a cropped sweater along with your micro mini.

Try wearing contrasting colours for an interesting look. You can also rely on chunky jewelry, big glasses and boots.

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Classy Chic

Love layers? Us too! Tuck in a white or contrasting-coloured shirt with your micro mini and layer it with a cropped vest.

This style looks a class apart and is a really smart way to give a ‘fancy’ twist to this otherwise super-sexy trend. Brush your cheeks with our Contour De Force Mini Blush for a cute cheeky look.

Old School

If we’re bringing back an old but gold trend, why not go all the way? Style a neutral-coloured micro-mini with a basic crop top and an oversized jacket and you’re done.

Give the look an old-school touch by pairing it with high socks and sneakers.

The Monochrome Route

Want a no-fuss look? Pair a top that is the closest match to your micro-mini skirt to create a simple yet alluring monochrome look.

You can style it with chunk jewelry and even opt for bright eyelids to add some colour to your look. Try our Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner that comes in 5 bright, stunning colours.

Tank Tops For The Win

A classic, solid coloured tank top is enough to add a ton of chic-ness to your outfit. Keep the look clean with minimal jewelry and a monochrome bag. You can wear dad sneakers or tall boots, whatever your calling is.

Sweatshirt Style

Teaming your micro-mini with a polo-neck sweatshirt is a genius way to rock this trend. It is perfect if you prefer a super-cazh look and uphold comfort in every outfit.

Opt for a skater-style micro-mini here, which will add more dimension and shape to the overall look. Pair it with tall boots or calf-length socks and boots.

Statement Accessory

Adding a contrasting-coloured belt to your skirt ties up the entire outfit. Sport a jacket and a top or a corset like this of the same colour family, and you’ll look as sexy as ever!

This dual-toned look can be jazzed up with some jewelry and a matching handbag.

Baggy Boujee

The epitome of coolness– baggy style outfits are so damn good! You can match your skater mini skirt with a loose-fitted shirt or t-shirt and then an oversized jacket.

Pro Tip: steal your man’s jacket for this look. The baggy look will surely ‘bag’ the prize for being one of the best ways to rock the micro mini skirt trend 2023! You can buy wholesale skirts online at wholesale price from Theethnicworld

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