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The Complete Construction Process of Building Modular Home

Every construction project requires a set of techniques to be applied for its development. And modular construction would be no different.

This method transfers several stages of the construction process carried out within the construction site to a controlled environment, such as factories and industries.

According to the Florida prefab homes building kit specialists, In this way, the modules are produced under strict quality controls, using the most modern and technological construction standards.

Then, the modules are transported to the construction site, which makes this model faster, more efficient, and more economical.

Not by chance, modular construction has become popular in many countries around the world. In addition to being practical, economical, flexible, and adaptable, it is sustainable. That are many advantages for entrepreneurs from different niches.

In this article, we will explain a little better the construction steps of a modular project.


All the essential steps in the modular construction process:

As you may already know, the construction process for modular developments is very similar to the traditional construction process. However, some key differences distinguish the two types of construction.


Every work, even before being started, needs to be idealized in advance. Then, the engineer visualizes the work, where and how it will be, as well as the materials that will be used. These details materialize in a project, which is where all the planning takes place.

It is in the action plan that the style and design of the project are inserted, previously agreed between the client and the builder.

In addition, all steps must be developed in this document, as well as the budget plan, the duration of the work, and the amount of raw material and labor that will be used.

Even the possibility of innovation and flexibility of modular constructions must be described in the project. In other words, it will serve as the basis for everything that will follow.


Viability study

The feasibility study is the stage in which the project receives all the necessary approvals and licenses for the work to continue. Contrary to popular belief, modular construction also requires licensing from the responsible bodies.

Authorizations are essential to certify that the work is safe for both workers and surrounding populations.

In addition, the work permits also attest to safety for the environment and identify projects that are unfeasible due to unhealthy conditions or projects that may follow the plan.

Therefore, the construction company must be attentive to the actions of its project and seek to work with trained professionals who understand environmental law.

Undoubtedly, this detail can make all the difference and prevent your work from suffering severe punishment and very high fines or even from being embargoed.


Production and construction of modules

The module preparation stage takes place after licensing. It is the phase we call “base preparation”, which must be done in a specific location.

It is in industries and specialized warehouses that modules are built to be assembled on the construction site. The purpose of this step is to prepare the blocks safely.

Therefore, they undergo strict quality control and tests that ensure their strength and resistance. There is no way to go to the next phase without completing this one.



Once all the modules are finished and the home foundation is complete, the modules are transported to the construction site. For transportation, specific trucks and trailers are used.

Upon arrival at the construction site, the modules are organized in the order in which they will be installed.



The installation of the modules is done with the help of cranes, which lift the structures, individually, to the places where they should be. That is, the modules are fitted, one by one, until completed.

After that, they are connected so that other connections can be made. It is at this stage that the finishing also takes place, among other points.


How do electrical and plumbing components work in construction?

One of the great advantages of modular construction is the possibility of installing electrical and hydraulic components during the completion of the work.

These technologies are ideal for projects with a sustainable appeal. It is worth noting that the technological tools currently used in civil construction have promoted great advances in residential modular construction.

Electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic installations are already replacing old installations and promoting a revolution in current enterprises.

By the way, having cleaner and more economic development is an attraction for people who want to live in more sustainable environments and still save on their water and energy bills.



Faced with so many possibilities brought by technology to civil construction. Modular construction is a natural, advantageous, and interesting trend for entrepreneurs and users.

But, for all stages to be completed successfully, it is necessary to have the help of companies that work with trained professionals. Green-R-Panel provides the Home Building Kits, they provide the best quality kits for building modular homes.

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