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Classroom management strategies for teaching large number of students

With the emerging online classroom practices, the teachers are required to implement certain strategies that are requirements for managing the classroom effectively. This blog will discuss the different strategies that can be implemented by teachers for managing online classrooms for enhancing their students’ learning experience.

Best online classroom management strategies  for the process of teaching large number of students

At present the advent of using online learning platforms for the transformation of education and knowledge is being practiced worldwide. The practice includes various benefits but also comprises several challenges mostly in the process of management of a huge number of students.

Challenges associated classroom management with large number of students

Lack of personal interactions

Online classrooms lack face to face interaction between the teachers and students which can be a reason for the students to get distracted and stay disengaged. It therefore results in lack of concentration among the students and the urge of sharing knowledge or opinions with others present in the classroom. Thus certain classroom management strategies for online classes with a huge number of students should be implemented by the teachers.

Delays in assessing and providing feedback to the students

Grading the assignments submitted in online classrooms and providing each student with the feedback takes huge time and causes delay in addressing the requirements of the students.

Maintenance of student engagement

Seeking attention and gaining engagement of a huge number of students in online classrooms might be difficult due to various distractions and differences in the participation levels of the students.

Progress Monitoring can be difficult

For a large number of students it can be very difficult for the teachers to understand their students’ weak points and address them when coming to an online classroom.

Strategies of managing online classrooms with large number of students

Establishing clear objectives and expectations

Inorder to manage large online classrooms, it is important to provide the number of students present with clarity on their syllabus outlining their course structure, criteria of grading, due dates of assignments as well as participation expectations from them. This is responsible for creating focus and organization among the students.

Wise utilization of technologies

Utilizing an efficient Learning Management System (LMS) like Training Management Information System (TMIS) for centralization of the course materials, communications and assessments is vital. It can also help in enhancing the process associated with the administrative activities.

Promoting Collaboration

The teachers would be encouraging interaction among the peers within the classroom by conducting different interactive activities such as virtual sessions of studies, group discussions and other group projects. 

Fostering interactive and engaging sessions 

Online classroom sessions are mostly asynchronous or disengaging. Thus the teachers should consider including activities that can help the online classes to be interactive as well as engaging. These interactive sessions may include participation of guest lecturers to discuss certain academic topics, sessions of Q&As and similar other activities.

Breaking contents into smaller sections

This can help the students of diverse capabilities to absorb and retain information to understand the subject matter and gather in-depth knowledge on that for implementing them into real-time situations.

Providing the students with prompt feedback

This can be done by implementing tools like TMIS which can help to streamline the system of grading and ensure that they receive prompt feedback to the submission of their assignments. It can help them stay informed about their progress and prepare themselves for improving their weaker areas.

Significance of the TMIS tool in Classroom Management with huge number of  students

Implementing Training Management Information System (TMIS) can be one of the best solutions for the challenge faced in managing online and large classrooms.

Automation of registration and enrollment

Using TMIS tool for online classrooms can aid in the process of automating registration and enrollment of the students that eases managing large numbers of students. This is responsible for reducing the burden on the administration and ensures a quick joining process of the classroom students.

Streamlining management of assignments

TMIS tool is responsible for providing enhanced management and grading systems for the assignments of the students. It allows the students to submit their assignments easily and also provides immediate feedback saving time as well as avoiding risks of overlooking the assignments submitted.

Providing insights that are data-driven

TMIS tools allow providing the assessors with valuable insights and data related to students’ performances. It also provides an understanding on the weaker and storing areas in academics of the students with the help of which the teachers can tailor their styles of teaching.

Centralizing the delivery of contents

TMIS allows centralization of the course materials that can be easily used or accessed by the students. It provides all kinds of study materials, lecture notes and similar other learning materials. 

Final Thoughts

Teaching a huge number of students and managing online classrooms together can be challenging. However, the strategies that have been discussed in this blog can help ease the process of teaching with a huge number of students in online classrooms and creating for them an efficient learning environment. Using TMIS along with the strategies discussed can be helpful for the educators in managing huge masses of students in online classrooms efficiently. 


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