Choosing the Right Online Spoken English Course for Your Child

Because of the expansion of online learning in recent years, there are now several options available for children to study spoken English online. However, because there are so many alternatives, finding the ideal platform or a course for the child can be difficult for parents. You’ll go over 5 key suggestions in this article to assist you in selecting the top online spoken english course.

1. Check the Course Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Among the most crucial things to take into account is the curriculum as well as lesson plan of a course. The curriculum of a good spoken English lesson should be carefully thought out so that it steadily improves the child’s language abilities over time. 

When evaluating courses, look at the topics and activities covered in each level or unit. Check if the lessons are interactive and keep the child engaged. Lessons should focus on developing listening, speaking, vocabulary and pronunciation skills through fun activities like role plays, games, stories and conversations. 

Look for courses that use authentic English language content like songs, videos, podcasts etc. to expose children to real-world English. Lessons should have clear goals and objectives listed for each session. The curriculum should also be reviewed periodically and updated to remain relevant.

2. Consider the Teacher and Class Size

How much the child can learn is significantly influenced by the quality of the instruction. Look for programs that are taught by educators with training and expertise. Teachers who have been educated to teach English to children must be native or skilled English speakers.

Also, check the typical class size. Smaller class sizes of 6-10 students are preferable as it allows more one-on-one attention from the teacher. Larger classes may not give children enough opportunities to speak. Teachers should be able to monitor each student’s progress and provide feedback too.

3. Evaluate Course Material and Technology Requirements 

Check if the course provides well-designed study materials to support lessons. Look for courses that offer worksheets, activity books, readers, audio/video materials for additional practice. Materials should be at the appropriate level for the child’s age and align with lessons.

Also consider the technology requirements. Courses should be compatible with commonly used devices and have a simple user interface. Check if technical support is available in case of any issues. Stable high-speed internet is a must for live online classes. Make sure your child is comfortable with required technology before enrolling.

4. Assess Assessment and Progress Tracking 

Opt for courses that regularly assess the child’s progress through tests, projects and one-on-one conversations with the teacher. Tracking progress helps motivate the child and work on weak areas. 

Courses should also provide reports to parents about the child’s performance and attendance. Tracking tools allow parents to stay updated on their child’s language development. Look for courses that are flexible and allow moving to the next level based on progress, not time spent in the current level.

5. Consider Cost, Schedule and Other Features

The cost of the course is an important factor for most parents. Compare prices of different courses for value. Also check payment options and any discounts.  The schedule flexibility is another important criteria. Opt for courses that offer multiple class timings in a week to suit your child’s routine. 

Check if make-up or extra classes are available if your child misses any sessions. Other useful features to look for include a free trial period, bilingual student support, certificates on completion, opportunities for cultural exposure etc. Read reviews and talk to other parents as well for their recommendations.


With the right online learn english speaking course selected based on the above tips, children can learn the language effectively while having fun from the comfort of their home. The course should suit your child’s age, level and learning needs. Evaluate options carefully and go for a structured program taught by experienced teachers to see great results.

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