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Cartoon Hello Kitty Kids Drawing | Drawing Tutorial

Kids Drawing makes it understandable why so many children of all ages are smitten with these young kittens, given their fluffy bodies and adorable faces.

Hello Kitty Drawing

Numerous cartoon films and television shows have featured kittens for a long time. Kids Drawing Among the most well-known characters are Hello Kitty, Tom Cat, and Puss in Boots.

Kittens make fascinating drawing subjects because of their endearing characteristics. Fortunately, we have put together a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to draw a kitten in 9 straightforward stages.

These guidelines can create a realistic-looking kitten or an animated one.

Drawing Tutorial

There are clear illustrations for every stage that you can use as a visual aid while following the directions.

We are confident that you can follow these methods without a problem, regardless of your level of drawing proficiency. Additionally, you can improvise at every stage and contribute your style.

Use any combination of hues you like to personalize and differentiate your artwork. Allow your creativity to flow and let your ideas run wild. Have joy and express yourself creatively!

Let’s get begin with the drawing of a kitten!


  • Draw two triangular cat ears on the top right corner of your paper, then connect them with a curved downward line. This depicts the kitten’s top of the skull and its two ears.
  • Draw a horizontal and vertical line across the paper to serve as reference lines to position the shape correctly. When appropriately drawn, the guideline should split your paper into four squares. It would be best if you outlined the area in the top right corner.
  • You can draw the kitten’s entire face and body by beginning at the top right corner of your paper.


  • Sketch the Kitten’s Face’s Outline.
  • Draw lines down the kitten’s jawline, starting just below the ears. To highlight the kitten’s chubby cheeks, the face must be slightly broader at the button than at the top.
  • On each side of the visage, be sure to add sharp fur clumps!


  • Next, draw the kitten’s front legs in step three.
  • Draw the two front legs of the kitten side by side, just below the snout. As seen in the illustration, you can create the front legs by drawing overlapping curved lines below the face.
  • Make sure to highlight the kitten’s chest-area hair to make it look fluffy and furry!


  • Sketch the Kitten’s Body’s Lower Half.
  • A downward-curving line outlines the rear and bottom of the kitten. The bottom should be curved like a half circle, while the rear should be structured downward.
  • If appropriately drawn, the outline should resemble a downhill slope, giving the kitten the appearance of sitting down.


  • Draw the Kitten’s Rear Legs Next.
  • Draw another curved line at its bottom to represent the kitten’s legs. Draw a limb with a paw directly beneath the kitten’s bent thighs afterward.
  • Do not draw lines on the kitten’s paw to separate the claws.


  • Next, draw the kitten’s tail in step six.
  • Draw a long, fluffy tail for the cat on its lower back. The tail can be created by simply drawing a curved sausage, as shown in the image.
  • The tail, however, is up to you to create you, please. Add big chunks of hair all over the tail to make it as furry as you like.


  • Describe the kitten’s inner ear in step 7.
  • Draw a triangular form inside the kitten’s first step-drawn ear, paying attention to the outline.
  • This will draw attention to the interior of the ears, giving the kitten’s characteristics a three-dimensional, realistic appearance.


  • Draw the kitten’s mouth and nose now.
  • Create the kitten’s nose by drawing an upside-down triangle with a point in the center on the bottom portion of the face.
  • Then, to outline the mouth, draw two curved lines directly beneath the nostrils. The cat should have a mouth that resembles the letter “w” curled up.


  • After that, draw the kitten’s eyes in Step 9.
  • Draw two upright oval shapes separated from one another just above the forehead.
  • Draw two more tiny oval shapes inside the pupils. To give the appearance of “glimmering eyes,” conceal the side of the eyes from the little spots inside the eyes.
  • Don’t hold back on additional facial features you believe.

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