Camel Cash Casino, Best Mobile Game to play on Vacation

Most of the time it seems difficult to plan an outing with friends or family. Also, in these hard working days, it is not every day we are willing to make plans with anyone. So, for such moments a game is the best partner we could ask for.

But finding that perfect partner can be tricky. Because, there is a huge variety of games available in the market and not all of them are the best. So, to make this quest for finding the best game easier for you, Camel Motion Inc. created an amazing game. And the star of the day is Camel Cash Casino.

This is a social casino game, through this game you can visit the heart of the casino world i.e Las Vegas. However, players have this misconception about spending money on these games. And this is because they are casino games. But this is not true! You don;t have to spend money on social casino games.

In fact, Camel Cash greets the players with a welcome bonus of virtual coins. You start your gaming sessions by using these coins. And as you move ahead, you get to collect more coins. In addition to this, the game also offers a huge variety of rewards and bonuses to you.

Furthermore, there are many other perks of Camel Cash. Let’s dive into these benefits:

  • Simple gaming interface

People are fond of games that have a simple gaming layout. But most of the games are filled with complexity. Sometimes, it even gets harder to understand the rules of the game. Such games are a big turn off for all the game lovers.

Moreover, this is the worst-case scenario for the working community. So, in order to make your gaming experience fun and entertaining, Camel Cash Casino came into existence. This game has a very easy gaming layout.

Even a newbie will feel like a professional casino player while playing the game. Thus, this is the perfect gaming application made for you. You just have to download this app and with just one click your casino adventure you will start.

  • Over 45 slot machines are available

Slot machines are said to be the heart of the casino industry. And Camel Cash presents this heart in a very beautiful way to casino lovers. The game has over 45 slot machines installed for you. And new features are added periodically.

Furthermore, these slots were designed by keeping several cartoon, mythical and fictional characters in mind. Hence, whichever slot zone you enter, you will have a different experience altogether.

To illustrate more, you can place your bets on Farm Jackpot, Buffalo Mania, Vampire Fortune, Midas Touch, Monster Frankenstien, Robinhood of the Jungle, Kitty the Invader, Kong of the Jungle, Spooky Ghost, Freaky Bull, Volcano Rocks, Camel King, Dr. Jekyll Adventure and on many more slot machines.

  • Win exclusive rewards and bonuses

Initially, the game gives you a welcome bonus of 1,000,000 virtual coins. You start placing your bets using these coins and win more coins further in the game. Moreover, you also get to collect various rewards and bonuses as well.

You will receive Hourly Bonus, Daily Bonus and Weekly Bonus. Daily Bonus is further divided into Return Bonus, VIP Bonus and Daily Spin. Thus, you have enormous incentives waiting for you further in this gaming world.

  • Take a break with mini games

Continuous loop of slots and casino games makes the gaming experience boring sometimes. During such situations people get tired of a gaming application. So, in order to keep you entertained, the developers had this amazing idea of installing a mini games section for you.

Now, you have a gaming section where the games are not related to casino games. The trio of FunHouse Pinball, Lucky Disco Balls Mania and Beer Mania Fortune is always there for you. Whenever you feel like taking a break from this continuous loop, switch to mini games.

In addition to this, you can also play mini games to collect more coins. Through these games, you can fill your virtual banks with gold. So, whenever you need to place a bigger bet and need more coins, you can play mini games to fill your virtual bank.

  • Also play other casino games

With slot machines, a casino also has many other table games. And these games are equally entertaining. You can play several table games and earn a lot more coins. These games will entertain you in the most fun way.

You can play Video Poker, Crap, Backgammon, Baccarat and many more table games. Hence, with slot machines, you can also place your bets on these table games and win mega coins.

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In brief, Camel Cash is your perfect partner during those relaxing days when you don’t feel like leaving your bed. You will have the time of your life while visiting this crazy casino zone. The games will give you the experience of a real casino. Because, the graphics and sound quality is over the top. So, without further ado, download this gaming application and dive into the world of Camel Cash Casino.

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