Tips to Organize a Successful Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting could sound like a lot of work especially if you have to gather members from different branch offices and make all arrangements. With top management involved, there are several things that need meticulous planning for sure. However, with the right tips and strategy at hand, organizing a business meeting could be a breeze. If you are here, then you might have been looking for the right tips to organize a successful business meet across any business hotel in Delhi or around. It is always better to host your business meetings at luxury hotels in Delhi so you can make use of their well-equipped business amenities. You can plan any scale of business meetings at properties such as Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort. 

When choosing the right business hotel in Delhi or around, it is important to understand what amenities are on offer for a business meeting. In this article, we give you several tips to organize a successful business meeting. 

Convenient Location

When you plan a business meeting or conference, the first thing to consider is the venue and its location from the prime points like bus stations, railways, or airports. The best location is one that is close to the main transit or transport hub. You need to communicate details about the venue to your guests well in advance. This will give them enough downtime to plan their trip. As a business meet organizer, you need to ensure that you make the necessary arrangements for travel to and from the venue. Jaypee Hotels has three properties in New Delhi that offer the topmost amenities and business centers for use. They are within close distance from railway stations, metros, and domestic and international airports. 

Plan The Business Meet Details

The meeting can be in the form of a conference, a casual team-building activity day, or a formal meet-up. Choose any mode you prefer but mention the same on the business invite. Double-check what the arrangements in the conference room are. The audio and visual aids are something that you would like to check twice on.

Discuss The Food Arrangements

You will find it easy to operate around just about any logistics when you have had the food-related stuff sorted. Discuss the specific menus and different time slots for serving food. The hotel management can give you a hand in planning the menu for such events. If there are specifics to take care of, as in vegan eaters, Jain menu, and so on, you need to get these details in advance.

Space-related arrangements

When arranging a business meeting, take special care to check up on the area or space where you would be organizing the conference. There could be segregated areas with soundproofed walls that you will need for the meeting area. Most hotels such as Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort have portable walls that can be set up around a space. This ensures that there is ample soundproofing. Apt as a business hotel in Delhi, it has numerous combinations of indoor venues, seating arrangements, and high-quality audio-visual equipment.


Most reputed luxury hotels in Delhi offer a concierge service. Jaypee Greens prides itself on having a concierge that is amazing in terms of service offerings and quality of the same. Discuss if you need any specific services well ahead of the main conference day. When planning a business meeting at a business hotel in Delhi always have a list of services that you will need in advance as well as once your guests walk in. Talk to the concierge for any special arrangements that are available on demand if some of your team members are staying back. 

Recreational Facilities

Simply hosting a business meeting and wrapping up the day could get boring. Ensure that the venue has recreational facilities available for guests to use. When planning a day or overnight conference/meeting, feel free to incorporate access to the recreational facilities of the hotel. Inform your business speakers and guests of the same. Jaypee Greens resort has one of the best golf courses in Delhi along with a luxurious spa and wellness centre. 

Rooms And Room Service

Check up on the size and comfort of the rooms in a property you pick for your business meetings and accommodations. The rooms must not be too small or suffocating in terms of view or ventilation. When booking rooms for business guests at any leading business hotels in Delhi you should check on the different room categories first thing. Do some negotiation around the tariff, if you would need bulk bookings. Most hotels are ready to comply or offer add-on complementary services. 

Test Run Is Essential

It is important to test the equipment of a business hotel in Delhi, and other technical add-ons for the event. Do this a day ahead or at least half-day prior to the main event. There could be issues that you encounter. Fix those at the earliest. A last round of inspections and thorough test runs helps you stay focussed on the main business meeting. Conducting detailed inspections fixes issues with technological inputs well ahead of the event. This gives you more peace of mind than you might even anticipate.

Hosting a very important conference or business strategy meeting at luxury hotels in Delhi can get stressful. Have a to-do list ready and ensure that you follow up on all the pointers way in advance. Send out the business invites on time. Mention all vital details for the same on the invite. Going a little extra mile to help business guests have a wonderful experience counts! 

Jaypee Hotels for Business Meetings and Conferences

If you are planning a business meeting soon in your head office or in and around Delhi, you must check out the Jaypee Hotels properties. The Jaypee Vasant Continental and Jaypee Siddharth are perfect business hotels in Delhi well equipped with multiple conference halls, small and large to accommodate guests. You can pay a visit and check out the venues yourself. For any more details, head to the Jaypee Hotels website. 

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