Best Day Trips from Leeds

Based in the core of West Yorkshire County, Leeds offers a wealth of attractions for tourists to take in. But with the city being the ideal starting point for several places, you can also plan many day trips from Leeds. Be it the rural retreats or the medieval havens, the neighbors of Leeds are well worth your time. The best thing is they are all well-connected to the city, which makes them a hassle-free ride for you. It also allows you to cover quite a lot within a short span, even when on a tight schedule.

Here is a list of distinct destinations you can consider for your upcoming holidays

Yorkshire Dales National Park

For a nature lover, the Yorkshire Dales National Park tops the list of best day trips from Leeds. It has a rugged ancient beauty coupled with spectacular falls that makes it a gorgeous sight. Strolling the lush meadows of Wensleydale or Wharfedale is a favored pastime of many. While the ardent devotees of Harry Potter find the walk to Malham Cove highly rewarding. Yes, it is the same limestone formation where Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was filmed. Then if you are more adventurous, you can hike the trails to discover the hidden gems. The Aysgarth Falls and Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, for instance. 

The approx. 50 miles drive will take close to 1 hour 30 minutes in usual traffic. So if you are traveling with kids or the elderly, use the chauffeur-driven car service for a cozy ride. It is a facility that most serviced apartments in Leeds have. There are trains and buses available to reach the park too.


The tranquil village of Haworth in West Yorkshire is a must-visit spot for literary folks. That’s because it was home to renowned British writer siblings- the Bronte Sisters. A tour of the well-maintained Bronte Parsonage Museum is the primary attraction here. From furniture, and personal belongings to manuscripts, it gives an authentic glimpse of how life was for the sisters back then. To add to that, the picturesque setting of rugged moors and rolling hills is a treat to the eyes. It takes you straight to the world of the Wuthering Heights. The scenic place also has many alluring stalls, cafes, and eateries for tourists to browse. 

Haworth is only 20 miles from Leeds with the usual travel time around 45 minutes by car. You can also take the train from Leeds Train Station via Keighley. 


York, founded by the ancient Romans makes for one of the most exciting day trips from Leeds. With its grand architecture and historic vibes, the walled city is love at first sight for many. Plus, there is so much to do when in York depending on your mood. Walk through jettied lanes of Shambles to capture the beauty of timber-framed structures. Or dive into Viking history at the Jorvik Viking Centre. Explore the gothic aura of York Minster. Followed by an insightful experience at the National Railway Museum. Unwind at Rowntree Park, and then end your day with delicious food at any famous restaurant.

York is slightly over 20 miles away and can be reached within 45 minutes by car. The train journey often takes less time like 30 minutes. But, you need to time your visit to the station accurately to reduce the wait periods.

Ilkley Moor

Vivid greens, radiant flowers, and unusual rocks make Ilkley Moor a postcard material. The landscape is 402 m above sea level and is a segment of the Rombalds Moor in West Yorkshire. The scenery is so soul-touching that you can sit idle for hours and witness the gorgeousness. No doubt it inspired the popular Yorkshire folk song On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at. Also, do consider the scenic walk to the Cow and Calf. Often named Hangingstone Rocks, it is a large rock structure with an outcrop and boulder. 

After satisfying your hiking aptitude, spend some time at the Bettys Cafe and Tea Rooms. The eatery with a food history that dates back to the 1920s is certainly a treasured spot in Ilkley.

Ilkley is 45 minutes by car, 30 minutes by train, and 1 hour by bus from Leeds. 


Looking for options for lazy and chilled-out day trips from Leeds? Well, the stunning Victorian town of Harrogate with heritage as a chic spa resort has got you covered. Book a treatment at the Harrogate Turkish Baths to enjoy a healing spa. We ensure it will make your night rest at the serviced apartments in Leeds more carefree. The attractions of Harrogate are not limited to it though. Visit the Royal Pump Room Museum to learn about the genesis of Harrogate as a spa town. Then travel to the Montpellier Quarter to window-shop. Or buy souvenirs from the boutiques and antique stalls there. You can also visit the Valley Garden to see the diverse seasonal flower displays. The area also has a skate park and kids’ playfield and is perfect for quality family time. 

The average journey from Leeds to Harrogate by train is 35 minutes. If you take a taxi or car, you can reach it within 25 minutes. 


Being a noted city in England, Manchester evokes curiosity in the minds of many visitors. So if you are in Leeds which is only an hour away, planning a trip to Manchester should be on your cards. Just stay in one of the serviced apartments in Leeds close to the station for easy travel. It takes about 52 minutes by train. While on a car and bus, the journey is about 48 minutes and 1 hour respectively. 

When it comes to Manchester sightseeing, the city presents you with a diverse platter. If you are into art, Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth Art Gallery are great options to spend the day. Those who are into history can check out the Castlefield Roman Ruins and Town Hall. Also, enrich your Manchester experience with some good food. The Northern Quarter and Ancoats are the ideal spots for that.


Sitting atop the hills above River Nidd, the lively Knaresborough town qualifies as one of the best day trips from Leeds. Most people come here to witness the busy market culture. It has a holiday atmosphere that cheers up even the dullest of days. Do savor the various delicacies here. Be it baked goods or humble ice creams, the locals prepare every item with love. Plus, visit Mother Shipton’s Cave to learn about the prophetess Mother Shipton. As well as the mysterious Petrifying Well. A rare geological occurrence where falling water turns items into stone. The Knaresborough Castle with its medieval charm is another site you should not miss. 

Knaresborough is a 30-minute distance from Leeds by car and 45 minutes by train. If you bike your way to the town, it will take close to 2 hours. 

Final Thoughts

The list of day trips from Leeds is a pool full of varied amusement choices. And so are serviced apartments in Leeds. Each comes with guaranteed comfort, luxury, and prime locales. But has its specialties to satisfy the varying demands of the customers. Book with us today to spoil yourself with our premium services.

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