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Benefits of Using Selenium for Automation

Everyone has shifted from manual testing to automated testing as a result of the availability of numerous automation solutions online. The implementation of software testing has been considerably simpler as a result, and time-consuming, repetitive tasks have been greatly reduced. Selenium is one such web application automation tool.


Describe selenium.

Selenium is a tool for automating web applications that can run tests on many web browsers. On your screen, live automated tests are run to verify the application’s functionality. Let’s go into detail about the advantages of utilizing the Selenium IDE. 

  1. Simple to use – Selenium is one of the most user-friendly automation tools. It is perfect for beginners as well due to its simple user interface, which facilitates learning.  Additionally, there is a sizable selenium community, so you can always get online assistance.


  1. Language assistance – Not everyone is at ease speaking every language. There are many different programming languages available, and each user chooses one based on understanding and need. However, this has a significant impact on the decision of an automation platform. This is due to the fact that not every platform supports every language. Selenium is an exception to this. All of the popular languages, including Java, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, Python, and Perl, are supported by Selenium.


  1. Open-source tool – One of Selenium’s main benefits is that it is readily available. Selenium is a free online tool that is open-source. It is free to download, so you can immediately go to work. This makes it portable and advantageous to the entire community of software engineers by enabling them to automate web browsers and their features.


  1. Supports a variety of operating systems – Selenium is a useful open-source tool in many ways. However, it is not only widely available but also supports every user’s platform. Various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, and others, can run Selenium. Additionally, selenium is designed to move between tests and work with every device. A test suite can be created on Mac OS and run on Linux as well. Because of this, the developer can easily concentrate on the automation and let platform availability go.


  1. Cross-browser support – Selenium is a web automation tool and does not restrict itself to a single search engine. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Opera are all compatible with it. Selenium adheres to the one script, multiple browsers philosophy. A test script can run many browsers and be written for a single browser. This speeds up and greatly simplifies the work. You can simultaneously perform tests on many browsers. This is the selenium’s power.


  1. Advanced simulation – If you’ve ever worked with Selenium, you’ll understand that the simulation is a recreation of actual work. A keyboard entry is demonstrated in the simulation along with how the mouse’s cursor will move over the website. Additionally, it is capable of creating a number of complex simulations, including drag-and-drop, multiple-item selection, click-and-hold, drop-down menus, etc. Selenium distinguishes itself from other automation tools thanks to its excellent simulation of real-world operations. Keep in mind that as it is an open-source program, these features are provided at no cost to us.


  1. Flexibility – When deciding on automation technologies, Selenium has an advantage. This is due to its equivalent flexibility. It can be used to organize test cases, tidy up the code, and ultimately aid test engineers in code maintenance. The developers and testers may quickly modify the code with the help of this grouping, which also ensures that there are no duplicates and reduces problems.


  1. Tests on many platforms – Selenium also allows testing on mobile web applications. And it’s not just the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. The fact that it supports all three of them makes cross-device testing easier.


  1. Hardware Usage – Selenium does not necessarily take up the least amount of system space compared to its rivals SilkTest, QTP, or UFT, but it does so considerably less so that the storage space is not overloaded. Despite the fact that space serves many different purposes, it is exceedingly difficult to obtain less of it.


  1. Simple to learn – Automation testing has replaced manual testing to save time and effort. However, developing a new IDE is a little challenging. However, there are numerous Selenium lessons available both online and offline that can quickly solve this issue.


  1. Record and Play – The Selenium IDE works with the Mozilla Firefox browser to offer record and play capability. You can use this to record your browser interactions and play them back as a test. This feature of selenium offers it an advantage and is actually quite beneficial.


  1. Reusability and Add-ons – Selenium test cases are cross-browser compatible, as was already mentioned. This indicates that the code is reusable for several web browsers. In addition, Selenium may be linked with other platforms, sometimes known as add-ons, to broaden the testing scope. To organize test cases, add TestNG and JUnit, for example. LambdaTest may be included for testing with the cloud grid. To expand software testing, more of these add-ons are used.


Given all these factors, it is simple to conclude that Selenium is the best automation tool available on the market, topping all others.


Taking a Selenium course, whether online or for certification, is a wise decision for job progression, to sum up. Selenium’s automation capabilities are becoming more and more important in web development and software testing. With the flexibility of online learning, you can go at your own pace. A Selenium certification verifies your knowledge, increasing your marketability. This training improves your employment prospects because there is a growing need for Selenium specialists. Selenium may increase your productivity, whether you’re a developer streamlining testing or a tester automating activities. To keep ahead in this ever-changing industry, make an investment in your future by enrolling in a Selenium course today.

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