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Plants are the most beautiful and useful gift of nature. These shower us with lots of benefits, and keep us healthy. Air purifying plants are a blessing in today’s time when the air around us is so polluted and harmful for our health. Just keeping the plants around us helps us breath clean air and feel fresh. Keeping plants in our house is a great way to breathe in natural and purified air, and feel energized throughout the day. Here we have brought some great air purifying plants and how to take care of them:


Air purifying plants, and specifically the indoor ones, do not need much attention and are naturally less demanding. Whether it is normal plants, or air-purifying plants, they all need well-lit conditions. You should keep in mind to keep the plants in an area where there is light. Also, it depends on the plants if they are semi-shade plants or not. Plants like peace lily, spider plant, etc. want to be placed in a well-lit are to grow well. On the other hand, plants like Aglaonemas and Dieffenbachia, money plants, etc. can survive in shaded areas also. You can send plants to Bangalore to your loved ones, and surprise them with this beautiful gesture. 


Just like light, the requirement of water also differs for different plants. When the outside plants like Tulsi need to be watered daily, the air purifying plants like Aloe Vera and Areca Palm only need to be watered every two to three days. Ferns are semi shade plants and require water only on alternate days. Some other famous indoor air purifying plants are snake plants, and ZZ plants that grow well even if watered once a week. These are very less demanding in nature that are a boon for people living in cities where the air quality is very poor. Having these plants in your house keeps you healthy and protected from the polluted air outside. These plants are very easy to maintain, and people with busy schedules can also have them without worrying about taking care of them daily. You can arrange for plant delivery in Bangalore and surprise your loved one with your thoughtful gesture. Get them the plant most suited for them. 



Like all the other plants, air purifying plants also need plant feed every three to four weeks. They also need to be taken care of to prevent any disease or destruction of plants. The plants need to be sprayed with preventive insecticides once a month. This protects the plants from catching any fungus, or other plant destroying microbes. One can also make insecticides at home, by mixing neem oil with water and spraying the plants with the same. This should be done once a month, for the plant to have a healthy growth. For some people who want to put an extra effort in taking care of the plant can get plant shampoo from the market, mix it with water and spray on the plants to keep the leaves clean, shining, and disease free. Send plants to Bangalore to your loved ones and add along a note on how to take care of the plants. 

Get some Pothos plants for your loved one. These plants will always forgive you if you forget to water them. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight, and look at them smiling at you. Get some Aloe plants that will not only purify air around you, but will take care of your skin and hair. Get these low maintenance plants and make your loved one glow. Chinese Evergreens are the best option for you if you have a poorly ventilated room. Peace lilies are another great option if you want to drain out harmful substances like ammonia from around you, along with purifying the air. 

These are some of the most basic tips to take care of air-purifying plants. Take care of these gifts of nature like they take care of you. Get some for your loved ones so they can breathe in clean air, and have a good night sleep in the purified air. Choose from among the wide variety of indoor plants and make yourself and your loved ones happy with your thoughtful gesture. Have a great day!

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