Are Infographics Advantageous for Amazon Product Listing?

You can understand the effect of a picture with words since they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Since online customers can’t touch or handle the actual goods, they must rely on photographs to help them make judgments. This is why Amazon product photography is crucial to succeeding in eCommerce. And particular Amazon listing images format—Amazon infographics—do both showing and telling. With that in mind, this blog covers everything you need to know about using infographics for Amazon, along with some insider advice.

First Things First, What Are Infographics?

An infographic is a group of pictures, symbols, colors, and data visualization used to display information in an understandable and compelling way. Wouldn’t it be preferable to learn about a certain Amazon product by looking at clear, understandable product photos as opposed to reading a lengthy block of text? Customers desire quick access to information about a potential purchase. Using infographics on your product information pages serves this exact purpose. The other six photographs on your listing don’t have to be of products on a background of pure white, aside from your main product image. You can utilize distinctive backgrounds, text, images, symbols, lifestyle photography, and other design elements to provide visual interest and convey information.

How Infographics Are Advantageous for Amazon Product Listing?

An infographic mixes text and images to visually explain the information. When creating infographics for Amazon, the text is generally overlaid on photographs of the product to highlight its characteristics and finer points.

 Information Visualization Can Reduce Negative Reviews

Infographic graphics can be used to provide answers to frequently asked questions from customers, such as those about size, assembly procedures, and other product-related FAQs. Without initially viewing the photographs, your customers won’t make a buy. You’re assisting customers in making an educated purchase decision by including thorough, educational graphics. Additionally, as customers will be more knowledgeable about what they are receiving, you can actively work to counteract any negative reviews that contend that they were misinformed of something.

 Helps Explain Difficult Concepts Using Simple Visual Language

Shoppers are reluctant to read your listing since it contains interesting but useful information. These include technical product details, warranty details, sizing recommendations, and more. These can be shown in infographic style as a series of images that walk the customer through the procedure. Assembly instructions are a prime illustration. By visualizing every phase of the process, it becomes simpler to anticipate. Additionally, you’ll arrange the images in a sensible order to ensure that the client takes all necessary steps. This will also lower return rates.

 Infographics Boost Sales and Conversion Rates

Infographics are worth thousands of dollars in sales if a picture is worth a thousand words. Infographics are essential for boosting your conversion rate and overall revenue, even though there are no statistics to back up this claim. You have eight seconds after a customer lands on your listing to persuade them to buy. Your detail page can gain a branded feel and aesthetic appeal by incorporating high-quality infographics. Additionally, they convey your message and provide customers with all the details they require in order to click the “Add to cart” button.

 Expedites The Process of Making Decisions

It takes time to read and comprehend a piece of writing. Even though the written information may be useful, shoppers frequently get bored before finishing it. At the same time, graphics assist the consumer in making a quick assessment of the information and persuade them to purchase a product. With images emphasizing the crucial product characteristics and advantages, you streamline and speed purchasing choices.

 Infographics Effectively Communicate

Text is read 30 times less frequently than infographics. It could be a little too ridiculous to anticipate that a buyer will read all of your information in its entirety before making a purchase. The majority of customers will probably scan your copy, but they will look at every image you upload. This is due to the fact that viewing appealing images is more enjoyable than reading through a tedious passage of text. This makes infographic visuals a fantastic spot to highlight the important characteristics, advantages, and specs of the product that potential customers need to know before making a purchase.

Types of Infographics for Amazon Listing Images

  • “What’s in the box” pictures, which display the contents of a shipment;
  • Pictures of the product’s dimensions, which show its height, width, and length;
  • “Before and after” image, which depicts the effects of using the product by showing a woman with and without makeup;
  • Comparison chart image – highlight how your product differs from the competition without comparing it to a specific rival;
  • The following images can be used to illustrate complex information, advantages, and technical parameters: features and benefits; application scenarios; assembly; and assembly instructions.
  • Warranty and guarantee image – inform clients of your warranty and guarantee policies.

Make Your Infographics Mobile-Friendly

Your infographics must be visible to customers who purchase on Amazon using mobile devices. According to recent stats, only 42% of Amazon customers utilize mobile devices. Nevertheless, considering that there were over 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers in 2022, 42 percent is still considerable. When optimizing your infographic pictures for mobile, keep in mind that 42 percent of 100 million users are on mobile devices. Use these pointers to create infographics that are mobile-friendly.

  • Make the text as succinct as you can.
  • Use a basic design.
  • Limit each product’s characteristics to five.
  • Before posting the infographics, check how they look on mobile.

Where You Can Use Amazon Infographics?

The Amazon listing images section is one place to display infographics. You may add a maximum of seven photos here or six photographs with one video. We advise making the most of the given area to highlight your product. Customers might not be convinced to make a purchase based solely on one or two photographs in your listings. Your A+ Content is a further part in which infographics should be included. A+ Content allows you to add sizable photographs, infographics, and text in a distinctive presentation that shows beneath the product description section on an Amazon listing.

With Infographics, You Can Stand Out with Your Products

This guide should assist you in better understanding the value of using infographics for your Amazon products. Show them exactly what the product is and how it can benefit them to make your products and listings stand out.

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