Any Bathroom Will Benefit From the Addition of an Oak Bathroom Vanity

If you are in the market to buy a new vanity for your bathroom, you must know that buying any random material is not good. 

Bathroom vanities and cabinetry have changed throughout the years. Therefore, your vanity should offer both design and functionality, regardless of whether your tastes are traditional, modern, or somewhere in between. Bathroom vanities are frequently the center of attention in your bathroom since they occupy a significant amount of space in such a compact space.

We suggest you go for oak bathroom vanity in Norcross/ Alpharetta, GA that feature a natural finish without any color tinting, highlighting the lovely wood grain to its full potential. These light wood vanity units are the ideal choice if you value a traditional finish on your bathroom furniture and will go with various color combinations.

The oak vanity units are available in various sizes and styles to fit any space, from spacious family bathrooms to small cloakrooms. Alternatively, you can choose oak units without a countertop basin.

Let’s learn how adding this vanity will benefit your bathroom. 

Benefits of installing an oak bathroom vanity

It’s important to consider the bathroom vanity’s substance, pricing, and appearance before selecting one. Although countless materials are available, solid wood is the most common type used for bathroom vanities.

Here are some benefits of installing a wooden vanity:

  1. Can last for longer years:

    An oak vanity can last long due to its durability and water resistance. A solid wood bathroom vanity is a great home investment because it is made to last. It can survive the wear and tear of regular use because of its durability and sturdiness.

  2. Gives your bathroom a timeless look:

    Oak cabinets and other types of wood are typically timeless. Even with a fresh coat of paint or exterior refurbishing, they are classic and remarkably adaptable. When you think of selling your house, it could benefit you and will also increase the value of your property. Therefore, oak can be a focal point in any home with its elegant appearance.

  3. Helps you save mother nature:

    Reusing wood that would otherwise be thrown away prevents it from ending up in a landfill and helps protect forests by preventing the exploitation of an equivalent amount of virgin wood. Furthermore, compared to cutting down, transporting, and processing virgin timber, salvaged wood has less environmental impact. Thus, using wooden or oak vanity helps you save mother nature.

  4. Different styles available:

    Your home’s overall interior influences how your bathroom will be. The rise in the wooden vanities gives the space a nice appearance, whether for a minimalist or mid-century contemporary aesthetic. Undoubtedly, these oak cabinets could fit into either farmhouse or shabby chic aesthetics. Therefore, you can incorporate them into different styles according to your preferences and needs.

  5. Choose from an exotic color range:

    There are numerous color options for timber-fitted bathroom furniture. This comprises light and dark natural woods, such as pine or oak, and painted woods in various colors, such as dark blues, light greys, and greens. So, hardwood-fitted bathroom furniture can be a good solution in any color scheme for each bathroom.

Tips to take care of your oak bathroom vanity

Many homeowners remodeling their bathrooms choose solid oak furniture because it is both fashionable and popular. These pieces go well with most color schemes and give a room that may otherwise appear cold and sterile with its tile and plastic accents a feeling of warmth. Since oak cabinets are a natural product, you should take better care of them than you would with less expensive melamine or MDF substitutes.

Here’s what you should look for when taking care of your double vanity in Norcross/Alpharetta, GA

  • You should wipe down and dust your vanity unit as part of your regular cleaning routine. 
  • Use oil-based soap cleaner to preserve the shine of cabinets made of natural wood.
  • When cleaning, wiping, and drying, avoid using abrasive scrubbers like steel wool or scouring pads; instead, use soft sponges and clothes.


In conclusion, it’s high time to upgrade your bathroom using oak vanity and relish its benefits for years to come. Contact Willow Bath and Vanity’s bathroom professionals right now for more details or suggestions. 

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