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About Dhruv Shorey

Dhruv Shorey, an Indian cricketer, plays as a right-handed batsman. He rarely bowls right-arm off-break. Dhruv was born on June 5, 1992 in Delhi. This young cricketer plays for Andhra, Haryana, Rajasthan, Odisha, Delhi, and Jammu & Kashmir, the domestic teams. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) bought him in the 2018 IPL auction for 20 lakhs, held on January 2018.

Dhruv Shorey’s Family & Education

Dhruv Shorey’s father is Ranjan Shorey. His mother, siblings’ details, and educational information are unavailable on the internet. R.P. Sharma was his Coach.

Dhruv Shorey’s Cricket Career

Dhruv Shorey started playing cricket with his father’s inspiration at seven years.

This rock-solid batsman has been dependable for his state side since his debut in the 2015-16 domestic season. On October 30, Dhruv made his first-class debut in the 2015–16 Ranji Trophy. In July 2018, he was in the India Blue Team and played for the 2018–19 Duleep Trophy. In August 2019, he was in the India Green Team and played for the 2019–20 Duleep Trophy. CSK released him in 2020 IPL. Dhruv Shorey scored an average of 31.58 in sixteen T20 matches.

Since his initial days, Dhruv Shorey has been a consistent batsman. Although most of his success has come as a batsman, Shorey contributed with his off breaks, which have been effective.

General Characteristics of Dhruv Shorey

Dhruv Shorey’s moon sign is Cancer, and his birth star is Pushya. He is sensitive, compassionate and can get easily wounded. Dhruv is supportive, loyal, and family-oriented. This traditional person can often get a nostalgic feel. He can expect deep love and affection from his love partner. Dhruv can be more loving and caring for his love partner. Sometimes, this empathetic person may be moody, but he can quickly return to normal. Kundali matching can help to bring an eligible bride to this bachelor Dhruv Shorey.

Dhruv Shorey’s Compatible Zodiac Signs

It is not easy to fall in love with a cancer native because they love and want to be loved deeply. Generally, signs like Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, and Capricorn fit well with Dhruv Shorey. All these zodiac signs can balance things well with this Cancerian. Analyzing Kundali matching can help him get a perfect life partner soon.

A Virgo woman is one of the best matches for Dhruv Shorey. He is emotional and imaginative, while Virgo is cool, calm, and practical. They both can be devoted and loyal in their marriage relationship. This pair can share many similarities; both are reserved.

While Dhruv Shorey may not be an extrovert, Virgo is sociable. These two zodiac signs’ in Kundali matching compatibility form a stable pair. When Dhruv gets overly emotional, a Virgo can help him cool down. They are both practical and value and respect even little things in life. This pair can be aware of their partner’s desires and act accordingly.

Taureans can be the best match for Dhruv as both can help each other balance their shortcomings. This duo understands each other better. They may have similar goals, requirements, and viewpoints in their lives. Dhruv can share a strong physical and emotional connection with a Taurean, which can help strengthen their marriage bond. Though they may have any difference of opinion on some issues, they quickly fix that. They both yearn for intimacy, and their physical relationship can be pleasurable.

Dhruv can potentially form a long-term marriage life with a Scorpion. They may be cautious in the beginning and do not trust easily. The only weakness between them can be that they wrap themselves too tightly on their selves, which may cause a lack of trust sometimes. If they spend more time together, they can understand better. Despite some odds, Dhruv and his Scorpion would-be can try to empathize and understand each other. Kundali matching can help Dhruv to behold his best fit.

Dhruv Shorey’s Marriage Life Horoscope

Dhruv Shorey can be a romantic-overloaded and sensitive partner. He may be highly emotional and value intimacy in his love relationship. His nurturing and empathetic nature can make his marriage life deeply fulfilled. Dhruv can be an absolute package of love and romance, sweet and affectionate, support and respect, patience and loyalty. All these qualities might attract the best life partner to this young cricketer. Approaching a professional astrologer for kundali matching can widen his matrimonial gate with many compatible horoscopes.

Mohit Mahipal Sharma, an Indian international cricketer, was born in Faridabad, Haryana, on September 18, 1988. This right-arm medium-fast bowler plays for Haryana and the Indian Cricket Team. The Chennai Super Kings Team bought him in the auction for five crores in December 2018 to play in the 2019 Indian Premier League (IPL).

Mohit Sharma’s Family & Education
Mohit’s father is Mahipal Sharma, and his mother is Sunita Sharma. The siblings’ details of Mohit are not available on the Internet. He completed his school studies at Aggarwal Public School, Ballabhgarh, Faridabad. Mohit Sharma got engaged to his long-time Kolkata-based girlfriend, Shweta Jaiswal, on January 17, 2016, and married her in Leela Palace, Delhi. This duo was blessed with a male child on December 27, 2021

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