A thrill seeker’s guide to Orlando’s theme parks

Do you love visiting theme parks? Are you planning to visit Orlando’s theme park? Orlando has some of the world’s best theme park. Many people all around the world visit here with their kids to show them the amazing theme parks. Theme parks are based on different themes which is the most attractive part. Orlando has several theme parks that has thrilling rides. Apart from rides you will find many buildings and shops of different items. 

In this article you will get proper guides to Orlando’s theme parks. Stay in this post till last to grab the fruitful information about Orlando’s theme park. If you are excited, then start spirit Flights booking for your kids and family to experience mind blowing rides.

Guide to Orlando theme parks

  1. The Wizarding world of Harry Potter: This is an interesting park for many people. This Harry Potter Park is a top notched theme park around the globe. This theme park has garnered its popularity because it is based on well-known film Harry Potter. The theme park has theme of Harry Potter world. You can completely experience the real-life world of Harry Potter. You can also purchase ticket for the special Harry Potter breakfast. In The Wizarding world of Harry Potter, you can also ride Hogwart Express but you need hopper passes for that. If you are a Harry Potter lover, then you must visit this place to experience the world of Harry Potter. The theme park has various buildings and food court where you can enjoy the delicious food. 
  2. Universal’s Islands of Adventure: As the name suggests, Universal Islands of Adventure Park is a theme park based on different themes. You will find several areas with different themes. The theme park as has rides insider it. There are plenty of things to do in this park. There is comic strip area, Marvel area, Jurassic Park, skull Island, Zeus landing area and Harry Potter area. There are lots of different areas where you can do different activities. If you feel hungry then here, you will find various carts that will provide you different foods and drink. The refill facility is also available in the park in which you will get free refill for the cup whole day. Then you have to pay lesser price the next day. 
  3. Discovery Cove: Discovery Cove is another amazing theme park in Orlando. The place has many things to do. This theme park has waterfalls, lazy river, bird aviaries etc. The place has beautiful plants, flowers, clear water many more things to see. The food here is delicious that includes many varieties. You can enjoy different drinks also. Discovery Cove is a perfect location to chill with your partner, family or friends. The place has maintained good hygiene and also the crowd is manageable.
  4. Magic Kingdom Park: Magic Kingdom Park is a magical place where you will find various things to enjoy. The place has Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. The park offers many night shows and rides. The park also has space and tron mountain. Magic Kingdom Park is a well-developed theme park. The Halloween party here is amazing. You can enjoy the party till late night. The park also offers dessert parties and ticketed fireworks. 
  5. Walt Disney World Resort: Walt Disney World resort is the best place to relive your childhood. The place has various themes like Micky house, toy story etc. You will find various characters of Mickey mouse and toy story. The statue of Micky mouse characters is very attractive. You can definitely take your kids to this theme park they will love it. The food here comes in different varieties. You can taste various types of cuisine. You will also find some gluten free eatables here. The place is worth for money. 
  6. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park: This water park is a great place to vibe. This is a fun park where you find a lot of landscaping. The water park has various water swings. You can visit here in summers as it would be the best place to experience in hot and warm weather. You can even visit here in winters and you will find the water hot. This place is also good for kids. If you are visiting Orlando very soon then must book spirit Flights ticket as it offers affordable tickets.


Wrapping up this post here, Orlando has numerous theme parks with different themes. If you are planning a trip to Orlando, The food here is delicious that includes many varieties. You can enjoy different drinks also. then must visit these theme parks to make your trip more memorable. Ride the amazing swings and enjoy the delicious food with your close ones. Read the guide carefully. If you want to change name on spirit flight then kindly visit the official website of Spirit Airlines. 

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