A professional association for marketers that offers resources

Certainly, here are some industry associations related to marketing or digital marketing that you can explore. These associations often provide resources, directories, and networking opportunities that can help you find social media marketers or agencies:

  1. American Marketing Association (AMA): A professional association for marketers that offers resources, events, and a member directory.
  2. Digital Marketing Association (DMA): Focuses on Source Impact marketplace and provides resources, research, and networking opportunities.
  3. Social Media Club: A global organization for social media professionals, offering events, webinars, and networking.
  4. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB): Provides resources and insights into digital advertising and marketing.
  5. Public Relations Society of America (PRSA): While not exclusively focused on social media, PRSA offers resources for communications and public relations professionals, which often intersect with social media.
  6. Content Marketing Institute (CMI): Focuses on content marketing strategies, which can include social media marketing.

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