A Detail Guide to BTO interior design

It’s challenging to balance the design work for your house with your hectic work schedule in today’s busy world. You are too exhausted to put your thoughts into action when you get home from work. The condo is a private residence, and everyone fantasizes about decorating it to suit their preferences and aesthetics to make it more recognizable as their own. It’s simple for you to turn your dreams into reality with the help of professional BTO interior design services in Singapore. This section will review a few advantages of employing experts for BTO renovations.

Reasons for Hiring a BTO interior designer

A rise in the home’s value

Making your home beautiful and appealing is the main advantage of working with a skilled interior designer. The worth of your house rises as a result. The net worth of your property will grow, and your home will stand out from the competition if you hire a qualified interior designer when you’re ready to sell.

More knowledge

More knowledge can be found in a trained interior designer. They have thoroughly researched this field. Before the designer can arrange a customer’s home in their preferred style, the customer must specify what they need. From your interior designer, you can anticipate receiving the same quality.

Combination of colors

BTO interior design offers you The best color combinations, which you may never have considered or imagined. White, off-white, grey, and other colors frequently used in daily life are well known to most people. Most owners are shocked to learn that combining various colors will make a space dynamic and inviting.

What’s ideal for you

According to interior designers, the best options for your room will depend on its layout and available space. They can recommend you once they hear your thoughts on how you want to design the space. They are skilled and know how to handle your residence.

Saves you time

The interior decorator is ideal for you now if you are busy and have little time to decorate your home. You don’t have to spend time debating what will look best in your home. Additionally, selecting furniture for your house could take a lot of time. You can save time and choose the most suitable options by hiring a skilled interior designer.

Suitable furnishings

An interior designer chooses your home’s furnishings. He will be able to determine which furniture style and material is appropriate for the home and what shape of furniture will best complement your room. You may avoid the hassle and headache by picking the best furniture yourself. He will also consider the color of the room’s walls when choosing the appropriate furniture.

Trusted network

Plumbers, contractors, and electricians are frequently in contact with interior designers. If you require assistance with your property, your interior designers can suggest a dependable source. Your interior designers’ broad network will undoubtedly greatly assist you while you build your home.

Reduce your stress

Home decorating is a challenging chore that causes you a lot of worry, especially if you don’t have time. When you have a busy work schedule and are renovating your home, controlling your stress can be very tough. Here is where interior designers can help you.

Experience and expertise

For tiny condo renovations in particular, interior design pros here beautify your house with excellent abilities, experience, and the capacity to design to your specifications. It takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to bring your fantasy design to life because it is a delicate process. You can put our talented interior designers, with years of experience, in charge of this task.

Sustainable interior design

The newest fashion trends in the building sector are always being updated for customers by interior designers. Recycling, energy efficiency, and conservation are the latest trends in house interior design. Most designers also use eco-friendly interior design to save energy and make your home environmentally friendly.

Why Pick Homies Design for Your BTO Interior Design?

We have a proven track record of producing stunning houses on time, within budget, and to clients’ high standards. To make this happen, we work with exceptionally experienced interior designers, home remodelers, project managers, and suppliers who will collaborate seamlessly with you on your  BTO interior design project to build your dream house. We are also proficient in 4 room resale flat kitchen renovation.

The Singapore Housing and Development Board has permitted us to renovate BTO apartments. We have received training in the correct procedures for renovating public housing, and we are listed in their official directory. Homies Design takes satisfaction in conforming to these official HDB specifications, creating a secure working environment for everyone engaged in this BTO interior design.

What should be taken into account before employing an interior designer BTO?

Before engaging an interior designer for your BTO, there are numerous factors to take into account. Your budget should be the first item on your mind. What is the maximum amount you can afford to pay an interior designer? This will enable you to focus your search and identify candidates within your price range.

You must then think about your personal style. What style do you want to achieve in your house? Do you prefer something old or modern? The last thing you need to do is consider your needs. What do you require from a designer of interiors? Do you need assistance with furnishings and decor or merely with the design of your home?

You can begin your search for an interior designer who suits your demands once you have a firm grasp on your spending limit, specifications, and style. Ask for references and examples from their portfolio to understand their work. Remember that the designer should make you feel at ease because they will work with you to develop your ideal house.

The cost of hiring an interior designer BTO

Your Build-To-Order (BTO) interior designer’s fee will rely on a number of variables. The size of your apartment, the degree of design complexity, and the interior designer’s fees are all significant variables that will influence the cost of hiring one.

When should You hire a BTO interior designer?

As soon as your BTO unit has been verified, you should ideally begin working with an interior designer. In doing so, they will have plenty of time to collaborate with you on the design and ensure everything is prepared for your move-in.

It’s still a brilliant idea to speak with an interior designer after you’ve moved in, even if you’re on a tight budget. They can assist you in the preparation and execution of your renovation and in making furniture and other home décor selections that will work well in your newly renovated area.


Your interior design dream can come true with Homies Design using the ideal recipe. One of the fundamental components of excellent interior design is that it should have a theme, be cost-effective, and reflect your personality and style. We efficiently do 4 room resale flat kitchen renovation. Choosing among the various styles, trends, and designs can take time. You may avoid this issue with Homies Design and obtain the best dream design you have ever desired, but better. Reduce your tension by contacting us to fix your interior matters.

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