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A Comprehensive Guide on Structure of Professional Year Course in Australia

You have done your graduation in Australia, now, what next? If you plan to settle down in Australia, you must look for a decent job. However, is it easy?

Well, there is no doubt that Australia has many great opportunities in terms of jobs. However, it can be challenging for international students to find a good job in Australia.

The reason is high demand and increasing competition across the country. This is where the professional year program in Australia comes into the picture.

Now let us know a little more about the professional year program in Melbourne or across Australia and its structure in the following blog.

What is a professional year program?

The professional year program is an initiation by the Department of Home Affairs Australia with an aim to have better skills rates across the country.

The duration of the Australian professional year program is usually 44 weeks, where the students spend the first 32 weeks learning theoretical knowledge and communication skills, whereas the following 12 weeks give students an opportunity of using their theoretical knowledge in practice.

When the students complete their professional year program, they become eligible for five extra points through the Department of Home Affairs points test. It is one of the most important reason of pursuing the professional year program in Australia These points increase the chances of having permanent residency in Australia.

What are the options for studying in an Australian Professional Year Program?


Initiated by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and the Institute of Public Accountants, the Skilled Migration Internship Program-Accounting is one of the most favored professional year programs in Australia. The professional year accounting fees are affordable and is specially curated for accounting graduates. The program is keenly designed to focus on helping overseas accounting graduates develop and sharpen their existing skills to ace in their careers.

Information Technology

Australian Computer Society designed the IT professional year program to aid international Information and Communications Technology graduates in building practical skills and getting hands-on basic training. The students get regular counselling throughout their course, which helps them acquire extensive knowledge about information technology.


Engineering Education Australia initiated engineering’s professional year program, which allows students to obtain valuable knowledge about extensive engineering training and get a chance to sit for an internship placement. Eventually, the student’s chances of getting their choice of job in Australia increase.

Benefits of the Professional Year Program

The following is a list of the usefulness of a professional year program in Australia.

It offers students great internship and job opportunities

As discussed above, many international students struggle to find a good job that fits best within their requirements. With a professional year program, your door to various pathways for a rewarding job opens. First, you will get many internship opportunities to explore your work field. Once you have completed your internship, be ready to settle in big and well-reputed companies in Australia. With internships, you can build an effective resume to bring in many great working opportunities.

Your professional and social life gets better

The professional year program helps you meet many new people in and out office. By meeting new people around you daily, you know who has the same interest and goals as you. This eventually helps you in expanding your social and professional life.

You get familiar with the work environment in Australia

Every country and organization has its own way of working, culture, and environment in professional terms. The professional year program allows you to analyze and understand the professional environment in Australia. In addition, it also teaches you how you must keep up with their working standards and demands.

You get an extra 5 points for your permanent residency application

Once you have successfully completed the professional year program, you become eligible for applying for your permanent residency in Australia. Therefore, if you have big plans such as settling down in Australia, you can apply for permanent residency and the professional year program is a great option for you.

Skills Development

The professional year programs help individuals develop the professional skills required to work in an organization. A few of the important skills are communication, i.e. how to communicate in the organization with seniors or juniors, problem-solving techniques with critical thinking, enhancing decision-making capability and much more. These skills are required while working in the organization and make the candidate ideal for the organization.


Overall, the professional year program has many benefits for those with big plans for Australia. The duration, subjects, and what you will gain from it are mentioned above. Consider it while applying for a professional year program in Australia.

For more details like professional year IT program scholarship, fees, requirements, eligibility criteria etc., consult a professional immigration consultancy such as Asia Pacific Group. You will be guided better and in brief. Settling in Australia is a dream come true; therefore, plan it carefully!

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