9 Reasons Behind the Growing Trends of Flying Private

Flying private is a privilege that only a few get to appreciate. Air travel itself is quite expensive and when we talk about private aviation services, it’s out of the league for a huge majority.  Still, we see that the number of people flying private is rapidly increasing year by year. As a matter of fact, there has been a surge in demand for private jet charter from Saudi Arabia and other popular regions.

Despite the high charges, what are the factors that are compelling people to prefer flying private over flying commercial?

Let’s find out the answer to this question!

Why Are People Willing to Spend Money on Private Air Travel?

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is something that we all desire, especially while we’re traveling. However, when you’re traveling on a commercial flight, you can’t enjoy flexibility as there are hundreds of other passengers flying along with you. So, instead of offering adjustability, commercial flights restrict their passengers to strictly follow their predetermined schedule. Private air travel offers exclusive and personalized flights, ensuring privacy, comfort, and efficiency. It allows passengers to avoid crowded airports and enjoy flexible schedules, making it a premium choice for discerning travelers.

Whereas when you travel on a private jet, you don’t have to follow a set schedule, rather the company is bound to your schedule. Another added perk of flying private is that you can even book a plane at a few hours’ notice too, which isn’t the case with commercial flights.

  • Time Saver

You can save a lot of your traveling time by traveling via private jets. It is one of the main reasons why people prefer private jets over commercial flights.

When you are traveling on a charter plane, you don’t have to wait in long security queues nor are you required to wait for loading your luggage. You just drive right near the plane, hand over your luggage and you’re all ready to board the plane.

  • Exclusiveness

For private jet service providers, customers are the topmost priority. Therefore, they strive their best to make your traveling experience comfortable and lavish. When you’re flying privately, you’re the owner of the plane and the crew tries their best to treat you like a king. So, if you’re looking for a way to travel in style, consider flying private and experience the swanky way of traveling.

  • Hassle-free Check-ins

Flying private means no waiting for check-ins and security clearance. Instead, your plane is waiting for you and when you arrive you can leave the airport immediately, of course after fulfilling security protocols.

  • Complete Privacy

For those people who don’t want anyone to know when they’re on the move, flying on a charter plane is the best way. This is particularly the problem that the affluent face. However, by flying private, they can surely lose the paparazzi. This is why most celebrities and high-profile business tycoons mostly travel on charter planes. 

  • Stress-free Travelling

When you are traveling on a private jet, you don’t have to go through the trouble of changing flights. Private jets allow passengers to fly directly to their destination without any problem and enjoy stress-free traveling in leisure.

  • Be the Master of Your Schedule

Looking for charter flights from Dubai to London or between any two destinations? A private jet makes the journey easier for you.

One of the biggest perks of flying private is that you can schedule your flights as per your agenda. As stated above, you are no longer bound to the flight schedules. You can even change your destinations while you’re commuting by informing the pilot beforehand.

  • Customized Meals

Almost all charter plane service providers have Michelin star chefs in their crew that are hired to appease the palate of their customers. Therefore, when you’re flying private, you will be able to enjoy your favorite cuisines without compromising on taste. This is something that even business-class travelers don’t get to enjoy.

  • Convenience

Another reason why many people prefer private jets is the ease of commutation. Private jets are comparatively smaller in size. So, unlike commercial flights, they can even land at remote airports that have very little space.  For instance, there are more than 5000 airports in the US whereas only 500 of them have a landing capacity for commercial flights. So, if you’re traveling to such a destination where the airport isn’t large enough, flying private is the only choice left.

Likewise, passengers traveling on charter flights usually don’t face the same restrictions as those traveling on commercial ones have to face. For example, during 2006 when a liquor restriction was put on commercial flights passengers went through a lot of trouble. On the other hand, passengers traveling on private flights remained unaffected.  

In all, these are just a few of the privileges that people get to appreciate when they travel via aircraft charter. So, if you also want to appreciate all these perks, consider flying private.

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