8 Signs Your Laptop Battery is About to Die

Be it your home or office – the need for laptops has risen over time and so is its usage. One cannot think of continuing their day without using the laptop as there may be so many things that it can handle. Just like any other electrical component, the laptop batteries age over time and become susceptible to wear.

Simply put, your laptop battery will have a limited lifespan no matter how much you take care of it. Many factors influence the shelf life including charging practices, usage patterns, battery quality and more.

Sometimes the signs are quite visible of your laptop battery degrading. While the rest of the time it may become hard to determine if it needs a replacement. So what the signs to look for remains a constant question. 

So let’s examine the warning signals your laptop might require a new battery.

  • Unexpected Power Issues 

One of the first things to take into account when looking for signs that your laptop battery is about to die is unexpected power issues. Usually, an odd glitch does not cause battery problems – but you must make a note of how frequently your laptop shuts off. 

This could either happen because you are not using a three-prong charging cable or the blame goes to the defective battery. If the issue remains the same after charging the battery fully where it shuts down unexpectedly, you must look for other signs. 

  • Overheating Laptop 

Another thing to keep note of is an overheating laptop. After you use the laptop, it keeps itself cool. But if the computer feels warm while you use it, this could be because the battery is not functioning properly. 

When this happens, you may even hear the internal fans running at full speed while successfully attempting to cool the device. To prevent the harm, you can unplug the laptop from the 

international power cords and stop using them when they occur. 

  • Swollen Battery

Here comes another sign which shows your battery needs a replacement. Yes, if you think that your battery has swollen then it is damaged. 

You can easily identify this by checking around the keyboard or trackpad as it may appear puffy. In such cases, you should not use the laptop, rather consult with a technician right away. Simply because damaged batteries can catch fire or explode.

  • Less Run Time

If the laptop battery is dying considerably more quickly than it used to, then it is an obvious symptom that your battery might need a replacement. 

Based on the types of programs used, a full charge should often provide power for a minimum of six hours or more. However, if it struggles to last less than that, then it may require attention from a technician right away.

  • Taking Longer to Charge

If your laptop is not charging as quickly as it used to or does not take charge at all, then the problem could be in the battery. You can use the laptop while on the go in no time with healthy batteries because they charge quickly and hold power effectively. 

However, if you notice that the charging procedure is slower, then besides changing the battery, you can even check the cable. It is possible that after purchasing a three-prong charging cable, the issue could be resolved. 

  • Battery Age 

No gadget in the entire world is made to endure longer. The long usage of a battery might cause it to fail over time just like any other electronic appliance. Every time the user charges the laptop, the battery’s capability for charging could decline. 

Usually, most of the laptop batteries come with a warranty of two years in maximum. For a better experience, you must replace the battery over time regardless of how diligently you use it.

  • You May Receive Alert

Another way you can identify that your laptop needs a battery replacement is by receiving alerts. Your computer running WindowsTM and macOS usually has an upgraded feature that notify you when the battery needs to be changed. 

If you begin to get these messages, you can bring the device to the laptop repair specialist. You can also check for the laptop’s warranty to determine whether you qualify for a free replacement if you do need a new battery.

  • Inconsistent Reading Indications

If you have a detective battery, then the indication may appear through the inconsistent reading on the screen. If the percentage of the laptop battery varies erratically or the indicator does not adequately reflect the battery’s true state. 

For example, the battery meter may show meters going down from 60% to 20% in a matter of minutes. There are also chances that the battery may show 10% and ask you to plug the laptop before abruptly increasing to 50%. This can make it difficult for you to determine how much battery life is left, making it impossible for you to rely on the laptop in times of need.

Time to Fix Your Laptop Battery at a Low Cost 

A laptop is one of the most important electronic devices that is required to complete almost every task in this era of technology. One slight error can cause a lot of problems for all including corporate workers, school kids, healthcare professionals and more. 

If you have been struggling to fix your laptop run time, then the best thing you can do is rely on international power cords when the battery is not the problem. Using low-quality power cords could be a reason why your laptop may not be charging faster. Hence, at SF Cable, we have tons of technology accessories and equipment available at cheap rates. 

For over  20 years, we have been offering consistent services which have kept the business growing and have brought value to the market. Through state of quality art, amazing services and affordable rates – we are the one-stop solution that you may be looking for.

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