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7 Effective Ways To Encourage The Child For KS2 SATs Revision

KS2 SATs revision comes with challenges as it needs a lot of planning to prepare for Year 6 SATs. As we know, revision is the most crucial phase of SATs preparation. However, a child must be equipped with core skills. This blog will help in Year 6 SATs revision planning as it is increasingly crucial for a child to perform exceptionally in exams. As parents, everybody sets expectations for their children and provides them with the best SATs tuition all around the UK. Moreover, proper planning for such exams could help when the times for GCSE or A-Level come. 


If your child is preparing for 2022 KS2 SATs, we have some highly advised and effective tips for you that will help in KS2 SATs practice and revision. 

Schedule A Suitable Time

The timetable is crucial for exam preparation and, most importantly, revision. Therefore, make a timetable together with your child to decide the time for revision of KS2 lessons. So, you will have to keep your child sticking to the time and get things done accordingly. It promotes disciplined learning for KS2 SATs tests. This way, you can also keep track of a child’s progress. Include them when you set out the timing for topics they struggle with. Decide when to prepare for Key Stage 2 English SATs and how many hours you should give to practise Key Stage 2 Maths tests. It will be a success for your child’s SATs preparation. 

Do Not Leave the Child Alone

Parents should become a part of a child’s revision process because they cannot do it all alone without any help. Some crucial factors affect the KS2 SATs revision. Therefore, you should be there to help them through SATs challenges. So, you should take out time to sit and work with them. There are times when they feel overwhelmed and lose motivation. At that time, you must be there for them to tackle the challenges, identify the mistakes and use different strategies to correct them. Therefore, experts suggest parents be active participants in SATs revision so that the child feels comfortable in their presence and thrives.

Promote A Suitable Environment

Parents should provide children with a distraction-free working environment and encourage them to learn in a quiet space. So, when your child sits for SATs preparation in KS2, you should ensure they do not get disturbed by external factors like TVs and other noises. Preparing for SATs in Year 6 becomes challenging if children are not provided with the environment that suits their study habits. Interruptions are not appreciated when your child sits to revise their Year 6 SATs papers. Therefore, ask your child what type of environment they want for their KS2 SATs revision. This way, children have brighter chances to revise their lessons more quickly than it usually takes.

Use Mixture of Resources

Many resources are prepared online and by the exam boards to prepare for SATs for Year 6. However, you should be using various resources to make the revision process more comprehensive for children. Moreover, it encourages and excites a child to try different practice materials with interesting ways to solve them. You will find many online SATs practice resources, including videos, Maths fun games, and other useful material. So, mix things up to improve the revision process. 

Set Break Times

A child must be relaxed and refreshed while solving SATs papers during revision. So, breaks are important to do so. Therefore, you should add breaks in your timetable made for revision. A child will never perform according to your expectations if they feel frustrated. So, it is your responsibility to keep them refreshed so that they do not feel overwhelmed with the KS2 SATs revision process and SATs exams pressure. Provide them with some snacks or ask them to play in the fresh air for a while. This way, they will enjoy the revision instead of losing interest. 

Encourage them to Teach You

When given the confidence to teach others, a child becomes more motivated. It also helps in improving their abilities to think differently. So, they will understand the topic in a much better way when they explain it to you. Such an extra dimension is always appreciated and suggested by educational experts. Moreover, it allows parents to assess the child’s revision progress and where they need help. So, you can identify the weak areas when they are explaining the topics to you. After that, you can use your ways to improve those particular areas. 

Appreciate When They Do Good

Appreciation is the best motivation. Therefore, you should recognise a child’s effort and celebrate their performance when needed. It encourages them to do better in the future. They will be right on their way to continue achieving more and making KS2 SATs revision more interesting. So, whenever they achieve a particular milestone, give them a treat or present to appreciate their efforts during the SATs preparation journey.


SATs revision can be challenging, but with these tips, you will be able to make the whole process more engaging and fruitful. It is worth mentioning that top tutors and experienced teachers have suggested all these tips. So, you can try them and let others know too.

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