6 Things to Do & Places to Visit in Chicago

There are many summer activities in Chicago. The city has a very different pulse than during the long, cold winters, and the green areas and inhabitants take to the streets and have a great time. This is a guide to things to do in Chicago during the months of June, July, and August.  There are so many fun things to do in Chicago, from kayaking to bike riding and more! Valentina Djordjevic, a Serbian native who has resided in Chicago for a decade, contributed to this piece. Valentina’s Destinations is the name of her blog. 

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  1. Dine Outside

In Chicago, summer is patio season! Whatever your budget, there’s a terrific summertime terrace in Chicago for you to enjoy. Small Cheval in Old Town and Flaco’s Tacos in Streeterville are two options for informal eating. Weekday discounts at Flaco’s Tacos include $3 Margarita Mondays! Somerset on the Gold Coast, Piccolo Sogno in River West, and Gibson’s Italia are our top selections for exquisite eating alfresco. Somerset is on Gold Coast’s Rush Street.

  1. Millennium Park 

Millennium Park is a renowned tourist destination in Chicago’s central Loop neighbourhood. Many visitors are unaware that Millennium Park hosts a variety of free public events. Gardening seminars, literary workshops, house, and jazz music festivals… There is something for everyone at Millennium Park. The gym class series and movies in the park are two of the typical summer programmes. Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. from June through August, Millennium Park screens a popular film.  

  1. Festivals and Street Fairs

Every weekend from June to August, Chicago is alive with street fairs and festivals! Many communities hold their own “Taste of X” Festival. The Taste of Lincoln Avenue, Taste of Randolph Street, and Taste of River North are the largest and most popular. Restaurants from the neighbourhood serve bite-sized quantities of their speciality meals at each festival. The Taste of Chicago is the mother of all these festivals. The Taste of Chicago takes place in mid-July. 

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  1. Chicago Rooftops

In Chicago, summer is rooftop season. Rooftops in Chicago are the finest places to hang out with friends, drink, and listen to house music. You can also take in fantastic views of the neighbouring skyscrapers. John Hancock’s Signature Room is the most visited rooftop. This establishment does not have an outdoor patio. Cindy’s, London House, and Godfrey’s IO come recommended. All of these have outside areas and a club-like atmosphere. Try the NoMI Garden or Drumbar for a more laid-back atmosphere.  

  1. Graceland Cemetery

Graceland Cemetery is the best low-key attraction in Chicago. It is in the Uptown neighbourhood of Chicago. It features a vast Victorian-era cemetery as well as an arboretum. Many of the tombs in this cemetery are of aesthetic and architectural interest. A self-guided audio tour is accessible on the website for visitors. Bring headphones to learn more about this place’s unique history. 

  1. Chicago Water Taxi

The Water Taxi in Chicago connects the main train stations to Chinatown and Michigan Avenue. Ogilvie and Union stations in Chicago link to the surrounding suburbs. If you’re getting started, the water taxi is an inexpensive, efficient, and scenic way to get to Michigan Avenue. You can get off at the Chicago Riverwalk or the River North neighbourhood along the way. The Chicago Water Taxi ticket is $6 for one trip. Take the Water Taxi south towards Chinatown instead. 

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