6 Funniest Ways To Lose In Dwarf Fortress

Werezebras are just one of the many ways that your castle can be destroyed.

Failure is what makes Dwarf Fortress fun, and since there are so many ways to fail, there are always funny stories to tell. A fight that went wrong in a bar has brought down strong forts. The effects of hunting in a haunted setting hurt a lot of small towns. You might even get bored with the elves and decide that making peace with them was never a choice.

Because there are so many things to mimic in Dwarf Fortress, there is always something funny or surprising that happens. It’s best to keep an open mind when you go to a new fortress. Sure, it’s important to have the best and most efficient base, but if you use disasters as story chances, you’ll be laughing for a long time after you’re done playing. Remember that the theme of Dwarf Story is “Losing is Fun.”

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