6 Apps Like Uber: The Best Ride-Sharing Apps

The global ride-hailing market is growing with an upward trend at a CAGR of 19%. Indian Ride sharing market is at $13.4 billion. Learn about the best performers in this domain!

While commuting is a quintessential part of daily life, not everyone has the luxury to own a vehicle, find a safe parking place, or know how to drive. In such cases, ride-sharing or cab-booking apps come to their rescue. It makes travelling easier for non-travellers, especially when they are unaware of the route from source to destination, do not own a vehicle, or find driving difficult for any reason.

A rideshare company, also called a ride-hailing service, transportation network company, or ground transportation service, sets out vehicles for rent. One vehicle can be booked by an individual or shared by multiple passengers.

These services are widely popular; many use them for shorter or longer commutes. Ola, Uber, Lyft, and Rapido have become household names for travelers who do not wish to avail of public means of transport.

Ride-hailing applications have made it convenient for people to easily book rides at an affordable price.

What are the benefits of ride-hailing software?

Ride-sharing solutions may offer travel management software for travel booking and expense management, but all these categories cater to booking a taxi or sharing a cab. If a business wants to be called a ride-sharing company, it must offer corporate accounts for businesses to provide a ground transportation service for their guests or employees. They should be able to connect riders and drivers in real-time. They should be able to provide various rides and cars (according to comfort, price). Cab-sharing apps should allow riders to pay for their rides within the app.

Examples of Ride-booking/Sharing/Hailing Apps

These are some popular examples of Apps like Uber that are prevalent and offer something unique for their target audience. But the list goes on.

●       Bla Bla car,

●       Rapido,

●       Meru Cabs,

●       Savaari,

●       Lyft,

●       Via,

●       Curb,

●       Wingz,

●       Flywheel,

●       Arro,

●       Cabookie – Taxi Booking Software

●       Scoop,

●       CereRides,

●       Cabubble,

●       Taxi On The Go, RidePro, MotionTools,

●       Hitch,

●       Miles,

●       Call Taxi Management System,

●       RideShark, CabStartup,

●       Ola,

●       Addison Lee,

●       Vibe Rides,

●       Curb Business,

●       Voila Cabs,

●       Karos,

●       Karry,

●       Shohos

●       Yandex Go app

●       Easy Taxi, a Cabify app

●       inDrive

●       EGO |The Ride Hailing App

●       Kakao T

●       Rida Taxi

●       Hitchhiker Carpooling

●       GoKid Carpool Organizer

●       Waze

●       GCCabs – Book Cabs/Taxi

●       Rapid Cabs


●       Uber – Driver

●       Bolt

●       Uber – Request a ride

●       Heetch – Ride hailing app

●       Bridj NSW

●       Grab

●       TADA – Taxi, Cab, Ride Hailing

●       Via – smarter mobility

●       Arro – Taxi App

●       BlaBlaCar

●       HopSkipDrive CareDriver

●       Drife – Taxi 3.0

●       CDG Zig – Taxis, Cars, and Buses

●       RYDE – Ride Hailing and More

●       TADA Driver

●       Curb – Request & Pay for Taxis

●       TravelRepeat

●       UA Rider

●       Thank U Cab – Book cabs/Taxi


Let’s discuss 6 best Ride Sharing Apps; it goes like this:

Here is a succinct introduction of ride sharing apps in 2023, in no particular order (irrespective of the geographical area that it caters)

  1. DiDi provides flexible work and income opportunities for car owners, drivers, and delivery partners. It is committed to solve the world’s transportation, environmental and employment challenges through AI technology and localized smart transportation innovations. DiDi strives to create better life experiences and greater social value by building a safe, inclusive, sustainable transportation and local services ecosystem for future cities.
  2. Uber has grown from a global platform powering flexible earnings and the movement of people and things. They connect rides on 4-wheel to 2-wheels to 18-wheel freight deliveries. Safety is a top priority every day, from drivers with background checks to real-time verification. Their pursuit of reimagination never exhausts.
  3. Lyft is a close counterpart of Uber, but it differs in the geographies that it covers. Lyft Luxury rides are similar to Uber Luxury rides. Lyft is your friendly car that is a close counterpart of uber, and ola. It offers a better selection of vehicles, and a choice to pool rides. Rates might vary.
  4. Ola is India’s largest mobility platform and one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies, serving 250+ cities across India, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The Ola app offers mobility solutions by connecting customers to drivers and a wide range of vehicles across bikes, metered taxis, auto-rickshaws, and cabs, enabling convenience and transparency for consumers and over 1.5 million driver partners. Ola’s core mobility offering in India is supplemented by its electric vehicle (Ola Electric); India’s largest fleet management business, Ola Skilling, Ola Fleet Technologies aims to enable livelihood opportunities for youngsters in India.
  5. Gett solves the most complex, real-life problems of urban transportation as a dynamic and multi-faceted community, challenging the norms of the industry with its technology and moving it into the future. They have set their bar high and strive to deliver frictionless products for all their customers. They move confidently, whether about going places, working, or visiting a tourist destination. They serve people who move constantly. They are best for business travelers. It is one of the best platforms for the challenging needs of the business and for anyone’s everyday needs: for drivers who make it their living – every day, for last-mile delivery, and beyond.
  6. Careem is another app like Lyft that is better known for hiring bikes on-demand. It is also evolving as a ride-hailing or ride-sharing platform. It currently caters to the Middle East market, making it easier to move around, order food and groceries, manage payments, and more.


Although this discussion was not specific to any geographical region, the examples discussed have impacted ride-hailing services in India to a great extent. These companies have created reliable platforms for user-friendly transportation. Gett, Ola, Uber, Careem, Lyft, and DiDi are the top contenders. Each of these is a top mobile app development company in India that offers on-demand ride-sharing services and is transforming how people commute in India.

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