4 Instagram growth strategies to grow your audience organically

Instagram is an ever-changing ecosystem. It has over a billion monthly active users, and new tools are regularly implemented. In addition, the capabilities of professional Instagram accounts are becoming more and more robust, and its algorithm is constantly being adjusted. If Instagram remains one of the best marketing vehicles of our time, the sad truth is that it is heavily saturated with brands, and the competition is fierce.

Those who navigate the Instagram algorithm must be at the forefront of the strategy. More than a listening ear is required: social media editors are needed to grow their brand’s audience, even if the reality is that brands sometimes reach temporary plateaus of growth.

What is Instagram Growth?

Instagram growth is precisely what it looks like. This is the development of your follower accounts, and commitment misses over time. A drought of change is nothing but the norm. Stagnation is a normal part of the process. It means that you have done everything you can with your current strategy, and it is time to regroup, re-evaluate, and reformulate a new action plan. You must do the same thing to expand your Instagram audience. Social media is constantly changing, and your strategy should maximize post-performance click here.

Why it is essential to keep up with growth

Perhaps your slow growth on Instagram is trying to tell you something. This is likely not because opportunities are lacking; your methods are not evolving at the same pace as your target audiences. The best way to grow Instagram followers is to meet consumer demands by developing a flexible Instagram social media and marketing strategy that is easy to change as needed.

This may sound daunting, but you must see it as something positive: a new challenge and an opportunity to venture into the unknown to evolve your brand’s efforts.

The problem is that the cap is not part of any company’s plan, which does not prevent it from being constantly threatened. Having found this a recent and widespread problem, we decided to look into it.

How to grow your followers on Instagram

How to restart the progression if you know a lull in your growth on Instagram? Learning how to grow your audience on Instagram is a habit for marketers on the visual channel. If you feel like you’re hitting a wall and your current efforts are no longer paying off, it’s time for meaningful introspection.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Watch trending content like a hawk

Take a few days to take a deep dive into the Instagram feeds of your competitors and their growth on Instagram. Explore the surroundings, scrutinize the territory, grab the templates and high-quality content that seem to trend, put on your spectator hat, and ask yourself what you would like to see on the channel as an individual: search brand accounts, Instagram influencer accounts, and even those not in your niche. Look at trends in their composition and format, like carousel posts or videos, especially if your brand still needs to be fully established in Instagram reels.

Focus on what is new, what is fresh, and what is exciting to you. Then, get together and start introducing these novelty elements into your posts and stories in a way that makes sense. Try them out and adapt them accordingly. We recommend testing different hours of publishing to find out when your audience is active and when they are not.

The job of editor-in-chief for social media should almost require a degree in sociology: a big part of the job is to monitor what people are interested in, analyze specific demographic segments, and develop social media management strategies to offer them what they don’t even know they want to see. As a social media editor-in-chief, your job is to create some habits. Form them.

  1. Analyze your Owned content (in-depth)

The key to successful growth on Instagram is visuals. If your content production is good, you will only attract new followers and keep the ones you already have. Even if your content is excellent (and be objective here), if you don’t grow your account, this could indicate that your audience and potential audience have moved on and want to see something else from you.

Beyond manual calculations, consulting Instagram Insights, and reviewing your published photos and videos, the Dash Hudson Boards content desegmentation tool can help you with this task. And it provides cold and complex numbers. Its granular capabilities are virtually limitless, providing the most accurate assessment possible.

The tool allows brands to group their content pillars into tables to analyze the performance of each segment. Thus, they can see which types of visuals perform best and which messages within each group perform better. A tool like this can play a critical role in account growth, as it provides a tangible measure of performance.

  1. Engage, Engage, Engage

Instagram users engage with content that resonates with them. When a user feels an emotional connection caused either by visual content or by the interaction of another account, human nature prevails, and he races. If an Instagram account never manages to communicate this way, it may be what holds it back.

To be sure you are staying on track with your growth due to poor connection management, you will need to put some elbow grease in it. This means that more is required to respond to curious commenters about your content, but it also means spreading likes and comments about other users’ posts.

If any questions from your audience appear on your comments site, you MUST answer them. Not only is it good for business, but believe it or not, it’s also meaningful for your followers.

If your fans/followers/customers are enthusiastic enough about your brand to go as far as creating content with one of your articles and tagging you in the photo, then do your due diligence and give it a “like” or comment.

This stone kills two hefty birds: first, your followers will be thrilled to know that it has caught your attention and that you show him love in return. This will likely encourage them to create more content around your brand, increasing your organic (reach) visitors. Second, your comment will increase the overall visibility of your account.

  1. Organize a contest

People like to win, and they like free stuff. The prospect of both is a great way to woo new potential followers and work your growth on Instagram. We have discussed in detail the best practices in the field of competitions in the past, and we recently had an exemplary demonstration of how to take them to new heights (tip: maximize the UGC!), but here are some tips to keep in mind if you plan to take this route :

Make sure that things are worth it for you and your audience.

Develop a multi-tiered strategy encompassing a cross-platform promotional approach.

Set goals, follow them at benchmarks, and allow yourself to be agile in tailoring your action plan.

The main goal that should guide you when you enter contests is to attract new long-term users (followers) and not to scare them away the second your games are over. Never deviate from this principle; always measure each decision according to it. Remember to share the contest on your other social platforms for maximum reach!

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