13 Best PS4/PS5 Fishing Games

There are many great fishing games for PS4 and PS5, but these are the best ones.

When people think of intense and competitive sports in real life, let alone in games, fishing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most people. Still, there are a lot of games that are based on fishing, both for fun and as a sport. Depending on how good you are at fishing and how much you like it, you can find one that will keep you interested for hours.

PlayStation’s shop has a lot of fishing games from all over the world, not just American ones. If you want some time to yourself, these games let you fish alone. You can also fish with and against other people who love fishing as much as you do. Anyone can find a game on PlayStation that suits their tastes, whether they want to relax with a simple game after work or think fishing is an art form in its own right.

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