10 Ways to Use Marketing to Boost Your website s SEO

10 Ways to Use Marketing to Boost Your website’s SEO

Many businesses consider marketing and SEO as two separate entities when in fact, they are closely linked. Effectively utilizing marketing tactics can be a great way to boost your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some of the most effective methods for improving SEO through marketing include running campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, launching targeted email campaigns, utilizing targeted ads, and optimizing your content for keywords, both using them in titles and headings but also naturally within body copy, maintaining a blog and allocating time to respond to comments left online by customers. These methods will help get people talking about your brand, which positively affects your page rank and leads to increased website traffic from organic search engine results. But there are ways to further optimize your SEO beyond simply writing great content — and that’s where marketing comes in. Here are ten tips on marketing to boost your website’s SEO.

Write Compelling Headlines

It starts with the headline; the first thing potential readers see when they come across your post or page. A compelling headline will draw people in and encourage them to keep reading. It also helps search engines determine the content and relevance of a user’s search query. If you sell area rugs, for instance, a headline like “The Best Area Rugs for Living Rooms” could draw people in and help with your SEO.

Use Keywords Strategically

Incorporating targeted keywords into your content can help improve its ranking in search results pages (SERPs). Make sure you research popular keywords related to your topic before you start writing so that you can include them naturally throughout your post or page. For example, if you’re writing an article about area rugs, use keywords like “area rug designs” or “rugs for living rooms.”

Link Internally Whenever Possible

Internal links are linkages from one page on your website to another on the same domain. They can be used to link related posts together, as well as drive users deeper into your site for more information about a particular topic. Internal links make it easier for users to navigate your website and help search engine bots crawl and index each page more effectively — leading to improved rankings over time! For example, if you have an article about area rugs, you can link to related content such as “rugs for living rooms” or “how to choose the right rug size.”

Optimize Your Images

Images can be an important part of any web page or blog post, but they can also have a negative impact on SEO if not optimized properly. Make sure you compress large images before uploading them so that they don’t slow down your page loading times too much, as this could hurt its rankings in the SERPs. Also, add alt text for each image so that search engines know what it is about and can potentially rank it for relevant searches! For example, if you’re writing a blog post about area rugs, include relevant keywords in the alt text for any images used.

Create Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks from other sites are one of the most important factors in improving SEO rankings for any web page or blog post. Reach out to other websites within your niche or industry and ask them if they would be interested in linking back to something useful on your site — such as an article or resource guide — as this will show Google that others find value in what you have created! This is especially true if those other sites have high domain authority scores themselves; these are signals of trustworthiness and legitimacy, which will help boost yours too! For example, if you have a website to sell Polypropylene Rugs, you should try to secure links from well-known and respected websites in the interior design industry. In addition to creating content that can attract external links, you should also ensure your website or blog post is properly optimized for search engine visibility. This means having a detailed metadata description with targeted keywords, ensuring all headings are accurate and organized, and ensuring the content reads well and is easy to understand. SEO optimization will help make your website more visible on search engine results pages, which can lead to more organic traffic and external links.

Get Social

Social media venues like Twitter and Facebook are great places to build relationships with potential customers and promote content directly through shares and likes (both serve as quality indicators!). Plus, social media platforms are crawled by search engine bots, too — meaning that when someone shares one of your posts or pages on social media, it could lead to improved SEO performance over time! For example, if someone shares a link to your website on Facebook and Twitter, it could help increase the ranking of that page in search results.

Promote Your Content Through Email

Email marketing campaigns can be incredibly effective at driving traffic back to specific pages or blog posts on your website — not just from people who already subscribe but from their friends, too, if they forward/share the email in question! This kind of promotion also serves as a signal of quality which may help improve overall rankings over time! For example, if someone subscribes to your email list and then receives a newsletter with a link to your website, that could be seen as a sign of quality by search engines.

Use Videos & Audio Files Wisely 

Aside from text-based content, videos and audio files can also offer valuable insights into topics related to whatever product/service you sell online – making them ideal additions when trying to improve SEO performance! Make sure that all videos & audio files are hosted externally (e.g., via YouTube/SoundCloud), so they won’t affect loading times negatively too much. Otherwise, this could hurt rankings instead! For example, if you create a video that discusses topics related to your business and links back. Moreover, use videos as useful snippets in search engine result pages (SERPs). When someone explores terms related to your brand and they see a video result, chances are they will click it first.

Update Old Content Regularly

Updating old content regularly helps keep things fresh while ensuring that readers always have access to accurate & up-to-date information – both of which may result in improved rankings over time! Plus, updating existing content quickly allows publishers/marketers more opportunities for optimizing titles/headlines & meta descriptions, which play important roles when increasing visibility within SERPs (search engine result pages). For example, if you have an old piece of content about a new product launch, update it with the latest information & details regularly. This can help create a more comprehensive resource for potential customers that will likely rank higher than competitors’ outdated pages.

Leverage User Generated Content (UGC) Strategically

UGC (user-generated content) has been proven time & time again as being one of the most powerful forms of marketing available today – not only because it gives customers direct control over what type of message gets spread about their brand but also because UGC has been found consistently outperform traditional forms marketing tactics such as paid ads, etc., making UGC an extremely valuable asset when optimizing websites for better visibility within SERPs(search engine result pages). RugKnots, a rug manufacturer, has seen a 10% increase in organic traffic by leveraging user-generated content as part of its SEO efforts. 


Improving a website’s SEO doesn’t just involve creating good content; there’s much more work behind the scenes than many people realize—including using various marketing strategies designed specifically for online success! By following these ten tips outlined above, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits modern digital marketing offers while increasing visit ability within SERPs simultaneously – helping ensure long-term success regardless industry being targeted! Good luck!!


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