Travel by Road to India’s Best 10 Budget-Friendly Destinations

If you are new to travel, note that “The journey is the destination” is a proverb that best suits the meadows and streams of India. All your journeys across the subcontinent will feature majestic sights, sounds, and sensations. This is why more and more people take their vehicles on the road to explore pocket-friendly destinations in India. 

If you are planning to hit the roads, remember that driving skills are not mandatory. You can always choose to hire a car with a driver. However, most tourists prefer self-driving across the country. This is because it could be challenging to negotiate India’s busy roads. The experts state that owning a car requires accessorising. Therefore, you should look into car accessories under 500 in India because they can be helpful or convenient.

Most road travellers put considerable effort into personalising their vehicles inside and out. Additionally, they strive to get car accessories under 100 in India that provide a sense of personality. They go for items that make life easier for the driver and passenger, while some choose additions that enhance appearances.

Therefore, here’s your guide to the top pocket-friendly destinations in India.

Golden Triangle of India

Hit Google, and you will find that the easy route from Delhi to Agra and Jaipur collectively squeezes a lot of wonders into a few days of travel. Ideally, it would be best to begin in Delhi, where you explore the history of India’s greatest Islamic rulers. You can cover some of the city’s top attractions, which have undergone minor changes since Shah Jahan’s reign.

You can take a halt by Mathura and Vrindavan once you have covered Delhi. These two cities hold an essential place in Hindu mythology. Once you have explored these serene locations, you can progress to the hectic and sublime in Agra, where the magnificent Taj Mahal awaits you. 

You can then move on to the neighbouring Fatehpur Sikri. This is where you may find more Mughal splendour. It would be best if you made it a point to optimise your trip on NH21 to Jaipur. This will allow you to explore every fort, palace, and mystic observatory. 

The Himalaya Connects Manali with Ladakh

Once you have covered Delhi, you may move on to the following names on the list of pocket-friendly destinations in India. You can take your car to complete the mountain circuit from Shimla to Ladakh and then to Kashmir. 

However, the experts highly suggest you take the ideal commutation when exploring the Himalayas. This will allow you to experience life-affirming drama. You can rediscover yourself by pulling over by the side of the road.

You can enjoy front-row mountain vistas by reaching the hippie hill resort of Manali. It would be best if you headed north from the quaint hill town of Shimla. This is where you must consider a two-day trek through a setting straight out of the Silk Road to reach Leh. 

You can find a bunch of historic Buddhist gompas by the highway heading west to Srinagar. However, you will see a slow transition from Buddhism to Islam when the hills change from Manali’s dusty yellow to Srinagar’s lush green into view. 

Be aware that the Kashmir valley could be a tad challenging at times. However, you will find it highly breath-taking to watch the Dal Lake slowly emerge through the morning mist when you are peaceful.

Colourful Cities of Rajasthan

The experts also state that desert driving in Rajasthan can be fun. You will come across solid fortresses protruding sharply from the surrounding environment. You will also traverse the dusty roads with camel carts and elderly Rajput wearing vibrantly coloured turbans and bushy moustaches. Ideally, you must begin in Jaipur to explore the magnificent fortress at Amber and palaces featuring pink sandstone.

You can follow NH48 to reach Ajmer, where you can find a few pocket-friendly destinations in India. From there, dive west to reach Pushkar, where you will explore its lake, surrounded by temples and a fabled camel festival. 

Then you can explore Udaipur around Lake Pichola’s calm waters. It would be best if you made it a point to consume your fill of ice-white mansions before veering west to the temple-dotted hill station of Mt Abu.

The lapis-coloured residences of Brahmins will welcome you in Jodhpur. After experiencing Mehrangarh Fort and the Rajput military strength, you may resume driving west through some challenging desert terrain to the sand-yellow city of Jaisalmer. 

This is where fortified walls emerge directly out of the desert. If you are weary of the tourist hordes accompanying you throughout the trip, you may complete the loop via Bikaner before returning to the action in Jaipur.




Although India’s roads are not for inexperienced drivers, they are a fantastic way to explore this vast nation if you’re up for a challenge. The best advice the professionals can offer is always to keep a complete repair kit and replacement parts with you. Carorbis can give you the essential auto accessories for pocket-friendly destinations in India.

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